T-Mobile Unleashes the Fastest Samsung Phones to Fly on the Fastest LTE Network

February 20, 2019

Get the fastest Samsung smartphones on the Fastest LTE network

Get four unlimited lines with four new Galaxy S10e phones included for just $40 per line and other deals at T-Mobile

What’s the news

The Un-carrier has the latest and fastest Samsung Galaxy LTE superphones with awesome deals when pre-sale launches tonight! And, Metro by T-Mobile will have the S10e and S10+ on March 8. T-Mobile will also carry the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy Fold. 

Why it matters

T-Mobile has the fastest LTE network, so your new phone can really fly. These LTE smartphones light up all the advanced capabilities of T-Mobile’s network, including LTE-Advanced connections across the Un-carrier’s entire LTE network!  

Who it’s for

Anyone who wants to fully unleash their new Samsung Galaxy superphone!

Full speed…ahead. Today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) announced that the latest, fastest Samsung Galaxy LTE superphones are coming to the Un-carrier. Families can get unlimited with a Galaxy S10e included for just $40 per line for four lines with trade in or new voice line. And customers with fewer lines can save up to $620 or more with eligible trade in and a new voice line…or get up to half off with trade in OR a new line. Pre-sale starts tonight at 9:01 p.m. PT and the S10e, S10 and S10+ will be available in T-Mobile stores nationwide and online starting March 8. And in the second quarter, Un-carrier customers can also get the Galaxy Fold, followed by the Galaxy S10 5G this summer.

“Samsung’s newest, fastest superphones deserve a network that can keep up, and T-Mobile already has the fastest, most advanced LTE network in America,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. “In fact, LTE-Advanced is active across our entire LTE network, so customers can do all the things – all the sharing, posting, texting, streaming they want -- on a network built for the way they communicate.”

Coverage and Speed

In just under six years, T-Mobile went from having zero LTE to covering nearly every American with the fastest and most advanced LTE network in the country. The new Galaxy LTE devices tap into T-Mobile’s 600 MHz Extended Range LTE – now in in more than 2,700 cities and towns across 43 states and Puerto Rico. This means better coverage than before in places like buildings, shopping centers and along rural interstate highways.

Un-carrier customers also get a LTE-Advanced connection across the entirety of T-Mobile’s LTE footprint and get the speed-boosting trifecta of carrier aggregation, 4x4 MIMO and 256 QAM in more than 6,000 cities and towns. In fact, the Un-carrier’s network is the fastest LTE network for five years straight. All that speed gave T-Mobile the perfect excuse to showcase the new Galaxy superphones by taking to the skies for a very Un-carrier unboxing.

The Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ come equipped with an ultra-wide lens perfect for capturing that giant panorama, Super Steady recording and HDR10+ so when you’re dancing in the exclusive T-Mobile pit at that Ariana Grande concert, your videos and photos will be epic. Also, say hello to Wireless PowerShare -- easily charge Qi-certified Galaxy devices just by touching one to your new Galaxy superphone! And security got a major boost with an Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner on S10 and S10+ that reads the 3D contours of your thumbprint.

The Specifics

New and existing Un-carrier customers can pre-order the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ beginning tonight at 9:01 p.m. PT online, in stores or by phone. Get:

  • Four unlimited lines plus four new Galaxy S10e phones included for $40 per line per month on T-Mobile Essentials when you add a voice line or trade in an eligible device per line with AutoPay after monthly bill credits 
  • Up to $620 or more via bill credits when you trade in an eligible device AND add a voice line
  • Half off the S10e and up to $390 off the S10 and S10+ with trade in OR a new line

The Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ will be available in Prism Black, Prism White, Prism Blue and Flamingo Pink. The S10+ is also available for pre-order in Ceramic Black and Ceramic White. The S10e comes in 128GB and 256GB; S10 comes in 128GB and 512GB and the S10+ comes in 128GB, 512GB and 1TB.

The Galaxy S10e starts at $20.84/month ($0 down, FRP: $749.99) for 128GB, the S10 starts at $22.23/month ($99.99 down, FRP: $899.99) for 128GB, and the S10+ starts at $22.23/month ($199.99 down, FRP: $999.99) for 128GB – all for 36 months on T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). 

Metro by T-Mobile will carry the Galaxy S10e in Prism Blue and the S10+ in Prism White in stores beginning on March 8 for $749.99 FRP and $999.99 FRP respectively.

T-Mobile for Business customers with 12 or fewer voice lines can get up to $390 off new Samsung Galaxy superphones. Just trade in one of many qualifying smartphones or add a new qualifying line of service and the funds come back to you automatically via monthly bill credits when you get new Galaxy devices on EIP. Any T-Mobile for Business customers can also get $300 off when they purchase a new Samsung Galaxy superphone on an EIP and activate a new voice line.

For more information on the Samsung Galaxy offer, visit: https://www.t-mobile.com/offers/samsung-galaxy-s10-unlimited-plan-deal. T-Mobile for Business customers can contact a Business Expert, call 1-844-428-9675, or visit https://www.t-mobile.com/business/offers/business-deals-hub#samsung.

Contact us before cancelling wireless service to continue device payments, or credits stop & remaining balance at full price is due. Tax on pre-credit price due at sale. Must be active & in good standing for credits; allow 2 bill cycles. Pricing for well-qualified customers. Limited time offers; subject to change. Finance agreement req’d. $620 Off:  $390 in bill credits + credit on eligible trade in (Samsung Note 9, GS9, GS9+; Apple iPhone 8, 8+, X). Max 6/acct. $390 Off:  Up to $390 in bill credits with new line or eligible trade-in (iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X; Samsung Galaxy S9 series, S8 series, Note 8; LG V30, V30+, G7; One Plus 6T). Max 6/acct. EIP: 0% APR. 4 for 40: With AutoPay. Via 36 mo. bill credits. $30 for Essentials + $10 Galaxy S10e. +Tax. $300 Back: Via 36 mo. bill credits. T-Mobile Essentials: Credit approval, deposit, and $25 SIM starter kit may be required. +taxes & fees. Max 6 lines. During congestion, customers using >50GB/mo may notice reduced speeds; Essentials customers may notice speeds lower than other customers. Videos stream at 480p. Wireless PowerShare requires WPC Qi wireless charging capability and may not work with all devices; may affect call reception or data services. HDR10+ recording is currently in beta.

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