Introducing Binge John only from T-Mobile!

March 31, 2016

Bellevue, WA: April 1, 2016 - Following the exciting news today of the launch of Binge On Up, T-Mobile is keeping the industry on its toes and already amping the move we just amped! By popular demand, T-Mobile is bringing yet another streaming service to Binge On today with a revolutionary new Un-carrier streaming service: introducing Binge John!

T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere is known for embracing social media to reach his customers in real time and solve real customer problems. And T-Mobile customers love the straightforward and open access they get to a CEO in an industry that is otherwise cold and locked down. Binge John is a revolutionary new way to get even more of the John Legere straight talk that you want, anytime, anyplace. And in typical Un-carrier fashion, we’re making it available for free to all T-Mobile Simple Choice customers starting today, April 1, 2016!

Binge John will fundamentally change the way T-Mobile customers experience John Legere. No more jonesing for a Facebook Live chat or long drawn out minutes until the next Un-carrier event F-bomb. Now you can dial up a rant on Dumb and Dumber or watch endless loops of #SlowCookerSunday anytime you want! And with Binge John, Simple Choice customers can stream all the John Legere they want without using up their high-speed data!

Check out Binge John in action at starting April 1,2016!