Tips to Cut Costs on Your Smartphone Bill

September 20, 2022

 With the U.S. inflation rate the highest it has been in four decades, and taxes and fees on the rise, finding ways to stretch the dollar has never been more important.

Here are a few tips to cut costs on your smartphone bill.

Opt for autopay or paperless billing: Many wireless carriers offer discounts ranging from $5 to $10 per line each month when you enroll in paperless billing and automatic payment programs with qualifying bank accounts or credit cards.

Search for a flat-rate smartphone plan: Some advertised phone plans state a monthly price per line, but taxes and fees are extra. Search for plans, like some offered at T-Mobile, where taxes and fees are included, so you do not have to worry about additional charges on your monthly bill.

Get the best plan for your data usage: Knowing how much phone data you use can help determine the best plan for you. An unlimited data plan may save you overage fees if you use a lot of data. Or, use a safe and secure Wi-Fi connection when available.

Hunt for plans with the best benefits: Wireless carriers often offer various benefits that could save you in other ways, like free or discounted entertainment streaming subscriptions, hotspot data, and discounts on other products. For more information on T-Mobile’s latest deals and benefits, visit

While smartphone bills can make a big dent in any budget, there are many smart strategies for getting a handle on these costs.