Device Paradise: How to Travel from Your Phone!

By T-Mobile StoriesMarch 08, 2021

While we wait to spread our wings once again, here’s a look at five ways you can virtually travel the world, all from the safety of your phone.

Remember travel? It’s a little fuzzy to us, too. But we remember it’s a good thing! And new reports show that consumers are looking forward to travel in the not so distant future.

So as we all eagerly await a return to our lives of vicarious vagabonds — and using T-Mobile’s amazing network and travel benefits to make the most of our mobiles while doing so — we offer five little tips on how you can take a few quick trips right now, right from your phone.

Bon Voyage!

1. Radio Garden
Take an audio journey around the world with Radio Garden, a tool that allows you to explore what’s currently on the radio in cities and towns across the globe. Livestream a fútbol match in Bolivia, or groove to the latest club mix in Moscow, no matter where on Earth you are.

2. AirPano
Billing itself as a whirl around the world via 360-degree photos, AirPano serves up a panoramic view of mind-blowing sites like a Winter Fairytale in Lapland, Sweden, and Diving Blue Holes in the tiny Oceanian island of Palau. It’s a modern-day mobile explorer’s dream!

3. Museum Apps
Can’t make it to Paris or New York this year? Many museums, including the world renowned Musée du Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, are offering virtual museum tours through their apps. That way you can avoid the crowds around the Mona Lisa and still catch her legendary, mysterious smile.

4. Live Webcams of International Landmarks
From Times Square to Sydney Harbour, see what’s happening in real time at iconic points across the globe. These webcams can be especially fun if there’s a celebratory display happening, like the ball drop or fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

5. The Hidden Worlds of National Parks
Navigate an icy fjord in Alaska, dive a coral reef at Dry Tortugas or horseback ride around the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon with curated virtual adventures through America’s National Parks. Rangers narrate these dramatic experiences, so get your nature fix and learn about the beautiful protected wildlands that an abundance of plants and animals call home.

Intergalactic Bonus!
If your travel sights are set towards the stars rather than just further out on the horizon, living vicariously via Mars from the Perseverance Rover may be more up your alley. Just log into NASA’s live feed to immerse yourself in space walks and more from the Red Planet for a trip that will truly be out of this world.