More Insights, More Innovations, More ‘Taking Care of Business’

By Mike Katz, Executive Vice President of T-Mobile for BusinessSeptember 09, 2020

At T-Mobile, listening to customers is the single most important thing we do. As the leader of T-Mobile for Business, I have the honor of speaking to businesses of all sizes and spanning all types of industries. Through these conversations, I’ve learned about their pain points and how they’ve disrupted their industries to overcome them. This has offered me some incredible insights and learnings that I want to share with fellow business leaders who are fighting for survival against incredible odds.

Back in May, I launched “Taking Care of Business,” a social media video Q&A series that gave me a chance to talk with business leaders about how they’ve pivoted in response to COVID-19. Over the course of five awesome episodes, we heard some amazing leadership stories.

Daymond John, CEO of American hip-hop apparel company FUBU, talked about the challenges specific to Black business owners. Mark Canlis, the third-generation owner of the James Beard Award-winning restaurant Canlis, shared his experience of shifting from a fine-dining destination to a takeout and event-based restaurant. And David Schmidt, CEO of retail packaging and displays company TPH Global Solutions, talked about how his company pivoted from designing retail store displays to face shields to help protect lives.

I’m proud of how deeply the series resonated with our listeners and guests, and I’m excited to tell you that we’re reintroducing “Taking Care of Business” as an ongoing video and podcast series that explores the world beyond COVID-19 and dives deep with trailblazing business leaders to learn how they build leadership skills, lead successful organizations and innovate within their industries. Don’t miss our first episode of the renewed “Taking Care of Business,” featuring former Major League Baseball pitcher CC Sabathia. As a former college athlete and baseball fan, let me assure you this is kind of a big deal! Sabathia will join us to discuss the intersection between baseball and business, along with how he turned his passion for philanthropy into his own apparel company.

The rest of the lineup is just as excellent! We will host folks with incredible track records as successful leaders, and I’m humbled that they’re willing to share their experiences and expertise with me — and with you. So, stay tuned for more on upcoming guests!

Tune in Sept. 10 for the first episode of the new season with CC Sabathia. I guarantee that you’ll come away with valuable lessons to help give you the boost you need to keep your business running — and winning — in this unpredictable new world we’re in. 

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