T-Mobile Makes NFC a Reality in 2013

January 21, 2013

In 2012, we saw the expansion of near field communication (NFC) technology in a number of smartphones, enabling T-Mobile customers to tap or bring their phone within close proximity of another NFC-capable device or phone to exchange and share content, including paying with a tap of their phone, wirelessly charging a phone or instantly sharing pictures, videos and links.

T-Mobile is a leader in bringing NFC technology to its customers and currently offers a wide variety of NFC capable phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S® III, Google Nexus 4, Windows Phone 8X by HTC®,  Nokia® Lumia 810™, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S® Relay™ 4G and Samsung Galaxy S® II

Beyond our innovative device portfolio, we also enable NFC technology with such accessories as:

•    The Nokia Wireless Charging Stand uses NFC to charge the Nokia Lumia 810 and launch apps like the alarm clock or Pandora when you place the phone on the dock.
•    Samsung TecTiles is an app that lets you change settings on your phone, launch applications, check-in to places, update social status, or even make phone calls or send text messages automatically.
•    The Samsung Galaxy HM3300 Bluetooth Headset offers easy NFC pairing by simply tapping the headset to an NFC-enabled phone or Bluetooth device.
•    The Samsung AllShare Media Hub allows T-Mobile customers to connect their Samsung enabled device wirelessly to any HDTV or HDMI display.

This year, T-Mobile is bringing even more NFC capabilities to life. One of the most talked-about NFC advances in 2012 was the launch of Isis, the exciting, new mobile commerce platform. Isis allows T-Mobile customers a convenient way to shop, pay and save, all with the tap of a phone. The service launched citywide test programs in Austin and Salt Lake City this year with eyes on expansion in 2013 – giving additional T-Mobile customers the chance to experience safe, secure mobile payments.

Beyond our current NFC offerings, T-Mobile is working with a number of partners to bring a variety of NFC technologies to market, including Chase, one of the first banks to sign onto the Isis program, which allows select Chase credit cards, such as Chase Freedom®, to function within the Isis Mobile Wallet™.

T-Mobile is actively working to make NFC a reality – today, tomorrow and down the road.