Introducing Apple Business Chat on T-Mobile

By Mike SievertApril 11, 2018

Messaging. It’s simple, fast, and effective. It’s also the #1 way we communicate today (Statista). So it just made sense at T-Mobile to embrace messaging early. In 2016, we launched messaging in the T-Mobile app, so customers can direct message with us, and – no surprise here – they’re huge fans. Since last year, messaging volume has increased 3X, but of course, we didn’t stop there.

A couple weeks ago, Apple launched Business Chat, and today, I’m here to announce we’re bringing it to you. Now, connecting with us is as easy as sending a message…just like you would to anyone on your contact list. And soon after you do, you’ll be chatting with a real person at T-Mobile – not a machine!

To use Apple Business Chat, just swipe right on iOS, search for T-Mobile and hit the Chat icon. Or search for T-Mobile in your Maps app and click the Chat icon.

And don’t let the name fool you – it’s for everyone: consumers and businesses alike.

Starting today, through Apple Business Chat on T-Mobile, you can change your rate plan, change your address and buy a new phone. You can ask questions, make a payment, check your balance…you can even send us screenshots so we can quickly and easily troubleshoot any issues. Just shoot us a message.

Even better, you can start the conversation and come back to it whenever you want and on whichever Apple device you choose – iPhone, Mac, iPad or Apple Watch. So long as you’re using the same Apple ID, you can pick up right where you left off, so you won't have to reintroduce yourself or repeat why you’ve reached out.

Apple Business Chat is a game-changer, and of course, T-Mobile is the first U.S. wireless provider offering it.

Most brands make you come to them in just the way they tell you. That’s not how the Un-carrier rolls. We want to be radically easy to do business with. That’s why we’re showing up in the places you already use to communicate – messaging and social media, and now adding Apple Business Chat on your Apple devices.

Stay tuned…because even more awesome features are on the horizon!

Message directly with T-Mobile Care reps through Apple Business Chat. Check your account, make a payment, upgrade your phone and more!. Link to view and download the asset in the Media Library.
Search for T-Mobile, click the chat icon to chat with a real person!. Link to view and download the asset in the Media Library.
Now, you can message us in Maps – just search for T-Mobile. Link to view and download the asset in the Media Library.