Users need access to apps, but it could expose you to threats.

You have contractors, vendors, partners, or remote employees who need access to certain apps. But you need to protect your network from inadvertent exposure to online threats via devices that aren’t part of your network and aren’t under your control.

Man smiling while talking on a mobile device and looking at a laptop. Man smiling while talking on a mobile device and looking at a laptop. Man smiling while talking on a mobile device and looking at a laptop.

Accommodate those who require access.

Secure Private Access is a cloud-based security solution that provides users seamless, secure access to applications running in the cloud or data center, without the risks of offering access to your entire company network.

With Secure Private Access, you can:


Give specific users access.

Eliminate the need to give full network access or require authorized users to log into a VPN.

Save money.

Purchase only the seats you need with no hardware costs or maintenance expenses.

Easily administer.

Set and manage access policies via a central portal, enabling you to add or remove users as needed.

Ensure rapid deployment.

The solution automatically discovers application locations then provisions for your policies.

Take advantage of features such as:

  • Industry-leading security solution

  • Access to applications for authorized users, without access to your network

  • No need to log into VPN; it “just works”

  • As-a-Service pricing

  • Centralized management portal

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