Protect your business from ransomware and other threats.

Prioritize and fix vulnerabilities based on adversarial risk with Ivanti Neurons for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) and Patch Management.


Prioritize and remediate your highest-risk vulnerabilities with leading software solutions.

Adopt a risk-based approach to address your organization’s biggest exposures.


Enhance your overall security posture by tackling the riskiest vulnerabilities first.


Accelerate prioritization and remediation with key process automations.


Surface threat intelligence to optimize remediation and focus on high-risk vulnerabilities.


Detect and remediate vulnerabilities at speed.

Get a contextualized, risk-based view of your organization’s cybersecurity posture and address threats in minutes, not months.

Diverse data sources.

Continuously correlate your infrastructure with a wide range of internal and external security data to measure risk and prioritize remediation activities.

Risk-based prioritization.

Prioritize remediation actions based on threat risk.

Streamlined processes.

Simplify and accelerate vulnerability management with a variety of automations.

Enhanced collaboration.

Empower security stakeholders to share new insights across your organization with customizable dashboards and robust reporting.

Integrations and efficiencies.

Integrate with your organization’s ticketing systems to seamlessly connect security prioritizations to IT patch activity.


Deploy prioritized patches with minimal impact to your IT network.

Prioritize and patch vulnerabilities based on active risk exposure and keep devices compliant with Ivanti’s cloud-native patch management solution.

Efficient vulnerability remediation.

Quickly determine which patches to deploy based on threat risk and patch reliability.

Prioritization based on risk.

Map vulnerabilities to real-world threats—such as ransomware—with prioritized risk-based remediation.

Patch analysis.

Evaluate patches based on their dependability in real-world environments before deploying them.

Rapid patch deployment.

Distribute thoroughly tested patches to thousands of machines in minutes with autonomous patch configurations.

Optional peer-to-peer download.

Further reduce network impact with optional peer-to-peer download.

Works with Microsoft Intune.

Reinforce Microsoft Intune with risk-based, third-party patch publishing—without any additional infrastructure—to better protect your organization from vulnerabilities in third-party apps.

Got questions?

What is Risk-Based Vulnerability Management?

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, or RBVM, helps remediate the thousands of vulnerabilities that most enterprises have to cope with across their digital boundaries. Ivanti Neurons for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management replaces long, complex, error-prone manual processes with automated, risk-based management and robust reporting to help you identify, rank, and prioritize vulnerabilities in minutes—so you can monitor your security posture and focus resources and effort where you need them.

How does Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management help?

Digital vulnerability management can overwhelm many enterprise IT organizations, but Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management can help you increase patch-management efficiency, identify and deploy the most important patches first, and ultimately help safeguard your enterprise from cyberattacks. You’ll save time and minimize the impact on your network and employees with Ivanti Neurons features such as autonomous patch configuration and optional peer-to-peer downloads.

Does Ivanti Patch Management work with Microsoft Intune?

By using Ivanti Neuron Patch for Intune to add actionable threat intelligence and patch reliability to Microsoft Intune, you can optimize patch reporting, identify and prioritize high-risk vulnerabilities, and increase protection against ransomware, data breaches, and other cyberthreats.

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