Operational efficiency, simplified remote management, and compliance.

myDevices IoT sensor solutions allow you to monitor a wide variety of situations on a single system. This enables your organization to protect assets and people while ensuring smooth operations across all aspects of your business.

Key benefits of myDevice remote monitoring.

Solutions for business offer:

  • Simple and quick deployment and easy management of enterprise-grade sensor solutions
  • 24/7 remote monitoring with issue alerts
  • Monitor your sensors from virtually anywhere on a single pane of glass 
  • Scalability that allows you to continuously add sensors on a single platform
  • Hundreds of sensors for a wide variety of situations
Illustrated circular diagram graphic with 10 T-IoT sensor solutions

Sensor solution features.

myDevices provides a wide range of sensors.

Sensors can be used to monitor, warn, and protect key assets and help provide for employee safety.

Compilation of various sensors

Everyday business uses for sensors.

Row of bulldozers

Outdoor asset tracking.

Hand holding a white monitor

Air quality.

Housekeeper making a bed in a hotel room

Push and protect.

Hand holding test tubes on a tray

Temperature monitoring.

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