Ready-to-deploy, 24/7 remote IoT monitoring solutions.

Sensor solutions enable you to monitor your business from one central system to ensure that operations run smoothly and your people and assets are well protected.

Benefits of 24/7 remote sensor solutions.

Flooded equipment room with mainframe servers. Flooded equipment room with mainframe servers. Flooded equipment room with mainframe servers. Flooded equipment room with mainframe servers.

Realize cost savings, greater safety, and peace of mind.

Automated sensors can be deployed for refrigeration monitoring, leak detection, and air quality monitoring—indoors, outdoors, or even in parking garages within range of the gateway.

Operational efficiencies and safety.

Sensors provide management with the visibility they need to ensure a smoother running and safer operation.

Simplified management.

Sensors give managers the alerts they need with the ability to monitor from virtually anywhere.


Businesses get continuous monitoring and documentation needed to help with compliance reporting.

Temperature and refrigeration monitoring sensors.

Remote temperature monitoring can be critical for safe condition.

Businesses with refrigeration units and perishable inventory requiring cold storage need to ensure that temperatures are constantly measured and maintained—and receive immediate alerts if there’s a problem.

Operational efficiencies and safety.

Temperature monitoring is a vital function for organizations with kitchens, cafeterias, grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, food distributors, packers, and more.

Simplified management.

24/7 automated remote monitoring makes it simple for workers to measure temperatures and take action as necessary.


Continuous monitoring may be needed for compliance with and reporting of, required temperatures in a host of industries, from food services to pharmaceuticals.

The Push Button Alert System provides your employees with peace of mind.

Enable employees to call for assistance at the touch of a button.

With the press of a button, businesses such as hotels, campuses and hospitals can be immediately alerted to employees in distress and their location.

Safety and security.

Anytime a worker feels threatened or needs assistance, a push button enables rapid response by immediately alerting designated responders.

Simple and accurate.

When the button is pressed, the person’s location, provided by Bluetooth beacon technology, is tracked even if they’re on the move, anywhere on the property.


The alert system may help businesses to maintain regulatory compliance in industries, such as hospitality, that require safety solutions for lone workers.

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