Discover Narrowband IoT: efficient,effective, and affordable.

Connecting IoT solutions that require low bandwidth and long battery life to the first nationwide NB-IoT network could cost less than you might imagine.


Options built around you.  

Flexible and transparent pricing.

Get reliable, cost-effective connectivity for your NB-IoT solutions. Plus, T-Mobile’s pay-per-use data plans provides the right IoT connectivity for mobility solutions, smart city and building automation, and more.

Flexible and transparent pricing.

Get going with an NB-IoT module—starting at $5.

The Quectel BC66 NB-IoT module is compact with ultra-low power consumption, making it a top choice for IoT applications. To take advantage of this offer, purchase at least 20,000 modules within 12 months.

Get going with an NB-IoT module—starting at $5.

Coverage that travels with you.

Access the world from virtually anywhere.

The Internet of Things doesn’t stop at the border. With access in 125+ countries and destinations around the globe, your IoT solutions can go virtually anywhere.

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