Take asset and trailer management to the next level.

Enhance productivity and efficiency with greater visibility to the location and status of your trailers and assets—all while protecting your investments.


Simplify management and maximize utilization of your trailers.

A purpose-built solution for the transportation industry.

Now, more than ever, you need to get the most out of your trailers. Spireon FleetLocate helps fleet managers increase productivity and efficiencies and maximize utilization.

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Benefits for commercial transport and trucking companies with trailers.

  • Automate yard checks.

    Save time and money with real-time alerts when a trailer moves, stops, and is loaded or unloaded.  With this, drivers can find the right trailers and get back on the road.​

  • Detention optimization.

    With visibility into trailer locations and detention time, you can motivate customers to unload yours first, improve detention billing accuracy, and reduce wasted driver time.​

  • Secure your assets.

    Sensors and alerts keep your load safe and give you peace of mind. Add a door sensor and receive alerts for unauthorized door opening or closing.

  • Utilization.

    A 360 degree view of your fleet lets you see which trailers are underutilized so you can redirect them to places with higher demand and revenue potential.​

  • ROI attainment.

    Identify key driving factors for optimal trailer pool management and drive your ROI and profitability.​

  • Near real-time monitoring.

    Built on cloud-based Nspire platform, FleetLocate gives you full fleet visibility 24/7 from anywhere through a web-based management portal.​

Increase trailer productivity while reducing waste and costs.

Protect your investment.

Your trailer fleet represents a significant investment. Ensure you are protecting it.

Productivity and efficiencies.

With near real-time visibility into location and status, management can make more informed decisions.

Location information is approximate & may not always be available. Use as intended and only for lawful purposes.

Driver satisfaction and retention.

With visibility to the trailer location, drivers can reduce time spent looking for their trailer and get on the road faster.


Benefits for companies with powered equipment.

Meet the challenge of managing all your business assets.

Keeping tabs of all your assets can be a challenge. Spireon FleetLocate gives organizations visibility to their entire fleet of vehicles, trailers, and powered assets—all on the same screen.

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Prevent loss and get your assets to the right jobs.

  • On-demand locates.

    View the location of your asset via our mapping feature to verify your equipment is at the right site, and stays there until the job is completed.

  • Monitor engine hours.

    Avoid costly breakdowns or missed jobs by monitoring engine hours and ensuring assets are regularly and properly maintained.​

  • Theft protection.

    When you leave equipment at a job site, make sure it stays put when crews go home by monitoring when the asset is switched on or off.​

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