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Maximize your fleet.

T-Mobile fleet management solutions put comprehensive, actionable insights right at your fingertips. Make informed decisions in near real-time to optimize your public sector or education fleet operations.

What is fleet management?

Make the right decisions for your fleet, at just the right time.

Learn how fleet management can help your government agency or school district.

Optimize in near real-time.

Decide if your fleet needs to switch gears or stay the course with easy-to-use dashboards and customizable reporting on routes, fuel usage, and much more.

Protect your assets.

Safeguard all your assets, including the most important ones—your people. Give in-vehicle verbal coaching to your drivers and help keep your team safe.

Manage compliance.

Through an app that helps your business meet the ELD mandate, drivers can record their Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) on a secure cloud platform.

T-Mobile for Government’s fleet management solutions Hours of Service required for some features.

Get actionable insights.

Boost productivity and save money by monitoring fuel usage, delivery routes, and more. Plus, maintenance reminders based on distance or time.

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Use modern telematics to track your fleet’s service and response times.

T-Mobile for Government fleet solutions can help you monitor vehicle diagnostics, driving behavior analytics, fuel efficiency, route optimization, roadside assistance and more.

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Is your agency making the most of IoT fleet management?

Through the use of telematics and fleet management software, state and local government agencies can improve driver safety and save significant amounts of money.


The right fit for your fleet telematic needs.

T-Mobile has teamed up with industry leaders in fleet telematics to meet and maximize your fleet management operations.

Monitor, tablet, and phone with charts and graphs


A comprehensive fleet management solution that leverages data analytics and machine learning to help customers improve productivity, optimize fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption, and more.

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A leading provider of fleet management and trailer/asset tracking solutions designed to help agencies get the most out of drivers, vehicles, and assets.

Fit your telematics needs with T-Mobile’s variety of plans.

Solutions and resources

See how fleet solutions can work for your government agency or public works department.

Government fleet electrification.

How to build a greener and more cost efficient fleet by transitioning to EV.

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Cobb County syncs up to save.

Georgia’s third largest county needs to keep a 2,600-vehicle fleet running smoothly – and costs in check. Switching to our fleet management solutions led to faster response times and cost-saving optimizations.

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Fleet Management for Public Works.

T-Mobile for Government and Geotab provide a robust and scalable solution for local and state fleets no matter the season.

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Manage fuel costs and improve fleet efficiency.

T-Mobile® for Government can help you tackle unpredictable fuel costs and increase fuel efficiency with modern telematics solutions.

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Discover how to go electric with the push of a button.

An EVSA can not only help to understand a fleet’s needs but make EV adoption recommendations.

Got questions?

T-Mobile for Government fleet management solutions are a family of products from T-Mobile offered through our partners, Geotab and Spireon. They offer telematics solutions (a combination of fleet management and vehicle tracking) that allow government agencies and school districts to automate operations by integrating vehicle operations data with mission-critical assets.

Fleet management solutions use a small device that combines GPS technology, telematics, and T-Mobile connectivity to provide managers with a near real time view of where their vehicles are, how they are being driven, and how they are performing.

The tracking devices are placed in vehicles to capture and relay location, driving, and vehicle information to a fleet management platform.  Management can then access the information they need using a web-connected device which processes the data and provides management and, depending on the solution, drivers may get audible alerts or a mobile app to notify them of risky driving behaviors.

T-Mobile for Government fleet management solutions are designed to support fleet management needs for industries including but certainly not limited to shipping/freight, delivery, transit, utilities, public safety, as well as state and federal government agencies.

T-Mobile for Government fleet management solutions scale to meet the needs of fleets of all sizes. Any agency that manages vehicle assets can benefit from using any of the T-Mobile for Government fleet management solutions rate plans. We are now able to offer a range of solutions agencies need to cover their fleet management needs today, tomorrow, and into the future.

With greater visibility into the location and status of your vehicles, fleet managers are able to quickly identify and dispatch the closest worker, reduce driver downtime, and cut down on personal errands. With data on vehicle performance and driver behavior, a manager can catch and stop vehicle misuse, minimize unnecessary idling and encourage more fuel-efficient driving behaviors.

Yes, you can monitor and control additional peripheral functionality like sweeper brooms, shredders, pumps, motors, etc. through expansion add-ons that are available through both solutions.

The cost for the service can range depending on your specific agency requirements. For more information contact your T-Mobile representative. If you aren’t a T-Mobile customer, call 1-877-386-4246.    

You can only purchase the T-Mobile fleet management solutions by contacting your T-Mobile account representative.

No, there is no minimum purchase required.

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