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Leaders at the intersection of technology and business face unique challenges. So how do they thrive in complexity and change? Find out on The Restless Ones.
Season 3

Setting new records through deeper insights, on and off the field

Danny Miles, CTO at Under Armour, explains why fast, far-reaching, low-latency connectivity like 5G is key to unlocking the vast data-driven insights and next-gen performance needed to keep customers engaged and inspired to tackle new goals.

Engaging customers on their terms, in any environment

Mani Suri, CIO at Ulta Beauty, believes the opportunity for his business doesn’t just rely on an abundance of products but the abundance of technology available to use so retail experiences can flourish.

Delivering purpose-built hardware solutions in a software-defined world

Robert Morcos, founder and CEO at Social Mobile, shares how his team develops turnkey, enterprise-scale mobile solutions and explains why high-speed connectivity is key to helping his clients meet real-time customer demand.

Creating more resilient supply chains by decoupling labor from location

Elliot Katz and Shai Magzimof of Phantom Auto offer a unique view to where autonomous machines are heading and how they’re addressing the skilled labor gap and pervasive safety challenges with remote controlled solutions today.

Learning new ways to teach: What educators can impact across people, process, and technology

Dr. Robbie Melton, Associate VP of the SMART Global Technology Innovation Center, shares why gamification and immersive learning have a positive impact on today’s students and how schools can effectively partner with the private sector to foster meaningful learning.

Making connections happen: How 5G helps keep planes in the air and on time

Vikram Baskaran, VP of IT Services at Alaska Airlines, explains why the key to his mission of providing safe, award-winning experiences to passengers is by ensuring his team acts as a “smart connector” and how 5G is enabling emerging tech for greater efficiency gains.

Fostering meaningful innovation at the intersection of people, process, and technology

Tyler Svitak, Executive Director of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, shares why mutually-beneficial public/private sector partnerships are crucial to scaling use cases that can benefit the public good—from vehicle-to-grid electrification, autonomous vehicle deployment, and air quality monitoring.

Building for the builders: Creating modern-day tools to power next-gen design

Raji Arasu, CTO at Autodesk, shares three areas her team prioritizes for success, and how technologies like 5G networks are helping them introduce solutions in generative design, industrialized construction, and adaptive manufacturing to speed innovation across industries.

From addressing the farm labor crisis to enabling precision agriculture

Igino Cafiero, CEO of Bear Flag Robotics (a subsidiary of John Deere) shares how his passion for solving problems—paired with emerging capabilities for connected, autonomous vehicles—has real potential to help farmers feed a growing population.

Connecting with nature without disconnecting from business

Bob Wheeler, President and CEO of Airstream, explains why even timeless design can benefit from technological change and how a paradigm shift toward viewing connectivity and physical location independently can create more opportunities to enjoy the world around us.

Helping clients digitize in a connected world

Maddie Rajurs, Associate Vice President at Infosys, shares her vision of digitization and how her team is helping bring it to life through physical and virtual living labs, partnerships with everyone from start-ups to established institutes, and harnessing insights across industries to prioritize human-centered outcomes.

Utilizing Data and Connectivity to Revolutionize an Entire Industry

Lutz Beck, CIO of Daimler Truck North America, shares his vision for the latest advances in autonomous vehicles and new connectivity-enabled services like predictive maintenance, and his vision for turning the company's fleets into digital assets.

Proving unprecedented concepts that transform our connected world

Durga Malladi, SVP and GM, Cellular Modems & Infrastructure, at Qualcomm Technologies shares tangible insight to the trajectory and expansion of 5G innovation and concepts like the connected intelligent edge, which are unlocking new possibilities for business.

Seeing and sensing the world at your fingertips

Steve Grubbs, Founder and CEO of VictoryXR, shares how his passion for improving education and the latest developments in low-latency 5G connectivity, graphics technologies, and haptics have unlocked a 360 field of learning to stimulate students' minds.

Season 2

The battle to advance technology

Dr. Raj Iyer, CIO for the Department of the U.S. Army, shares why a blend of public-private partnerships and inspiring technologists across the branch are key to achieving modernization at the scale of the Army in time to meet the country's latest threats.

How technology can unify your organization's goals

Rowena Yeo, CTO of Johnson & Johnson, explains why technology and cross-team collaboration are at the heart of developing meaningful solutions—and what this can impact for the millions of healthcare professionals and patients depending on her team's solutions.

Simplifying conversations to unite the distributed workforce

Cal Henderson, CTO & Co-Founder of Slack, shares how his lifelong love of technology—and his ability to bounce back from professional setbacks—translated into building a collaboration and productivity tool used and loved by millions of workers worldwide.

Delivering more meaningful outcomes to our connected lives

Yoky Matsuoka, Founder and CEO of Yohana, shares how she decided to focus her lifelong passion for problem solving to help solve a universal challenge: getting tasks at home done so we can find more time for ourselves and loved ones.

Building the right technology tools to drive the business

Rhonda Gass, CIO of Stanley Black & Decker, shares why data is at the center of everything her 175-year-old company does, and how technologies like 5G are the key to enabling the 'extreme innovation' needed for ongoing success.

Enabling your workforce to harness a connected world

John Curtis, VP & GM of Samsung Electronics America's B2B Mobile division, shares what enterprises can gain by embracing 5G, edge computing, and other technologies for seamless flows of information across the digital workspace.

Fostering common understanding to prioritize public health

Ron Moskowitz, Deputy Executive Officer & CIO at the South Coast Air Quality Management District, shares how building confidence in IT as a human-centered organization helps unlock better outcomes for his team and the citizens they serve.

How composite manufacturing will impact future innovation

Riley Reese, CTO at Arris Composites, shares how composites are enabling multi-function materials, unlocking new connected things for everything from structural health monitoring to advanced aerospace design.

Optimizing human performance through technology

Yvette Pasqua, CTO at Exos, offers a view into her growth mindset, why she puts a premium on adaptability and flexibility when building teams, and why operational and technical skills are equally important to moving business forward.

How precise remote data capture affects real-time decision making

David Chen, CTO at Skycatch, shares how a passion for improving physical and technological workflows, piloting new technologies, and solving client challenges is helping create safer, more efficient construction and mining operations.

Speed unlocks the changeup—how next-gen connectivity is changing fan experiences in baseball

MLB’s SVP of Infrastructure Truman Boyes and Chief Product Officer Vasanth Williams share how professional baseball relies on sophisticated technology to power everything from ballparks to new fan experiences.

Speed unlocks the changeup—how next-gen connectivity is changing fan experiences in baseball

MLB’s SVP of Infrastructure Truman Boyes and Chief Product Officer Vasanth Williams explore how some emerging technologies are already having an effect on baseball—and what that might look like in the 5G future.

When fearless decision-making is needed at a company built on calculated risks.

Ashley Pettit, CIO at State Farm, explains how embracing tough challenges along with new technologies like 5G, Blockchain, and quantum computing helps keep a nearly century-old company at the forefront of its industry.

How diversity in technology can create a complete real estate solution for everyone­.

Bridget Frey, CTO at Redfin, shares why changing the way real estate works means more than just choosing the right technologies to simplify process – it takes a more diverse group of talent and perspectives.

How technology can enable an always-on retail experience.

Ryan Kean, VP – Technical Strategy & Operations at Kroger, shares why cultivating the next generation of technology leadership is key to improving customer experiences from field to fork.

How a marketplace mindset fuels dynamic problem solving.

Brad Peterson, EVP, CIO & CTO at Nasdaq, explains the impact of network effect-driven technologies, why 5G will open the door to new machine-to-machine applications, and where equally new industries might arise.

Accelerating customer-centric experiences through meaningful mobility.

Zack Hicks, CEO at Toyota Connected, covers a range of topics from prioritizing new ways to delight customers to his thoughts on making the world a better place by unleashing talent in his organization.

Accelerating technology decisions when lives are on the line.

Marty Paslick, CIO at HCA Healthcare, shares how amazing outcomes became possible—even in a pandemic—when his team started thinking like healthcare professionals first and technologists second.

Integrating citizen experiences in the 5G era.

Ted Ross, CIO at the City of Los Angeles, explores how innovating in government creates real potential to improve people’s lives and why the 5G era will open the door to more integrated, meaningful experiences.

Season 1

Picking up the beat.

5G connectivity can enable new immersive experiences for music fans. Hear Dan Morales, CIO of Universal Music Group, explore past, present, and future tech.

A wealth of possibilities.

How can we leverage data to encourage financial success? Ashok Srivastava, Chief Data Officer of Intuit, discusses how new tech can help customers prosper.

Innovation at the speed of delivery.

In the courier industry, 5G could enhance everything from tracking to shipping speeds. Rob Carter, CIO of FedEx, shares how 5G will evolve the company's network.

The autonomous automobile.

New tech and 5G are driving improvements in the auto industry. Hear more from Mamatha Chamarthi, CIO of FCA – North America and Asia Pacific at Stellantis.

Your healthcare reimagined.

Imagine a world where most medical checkups happen virtually. Firdaus Bhathena, Chief Digital Officer of CVS Health, shares how 5G could transform healthcare.

Building a connected city.

Enhanced connectivity will completely change the way cities serve citizens. Nicole Raimundo, CIO of Cary, N.C., shares insights from her connected community.

Flying the friendly future.

Today, running an airline is as much about technology as it is about aviation, with connectivity at the heart of it all.

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