Connected worker technology maximizes efficiency and safety for energy companies.

Connected worker solutions maximize efficiency and safety for energy companies.

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We have the future technologies that are transforming the energy sector.

T-Mobile for Business is providing digital transformation in the energy industry and advancing the grid’s communication with utility technology solutions.

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Natacha Baroni, Head of Energy Product Marketing at T-Mobile for Business

Connected workers are transforming the energy industry by linking remote locations with the office. These workers include the field technicians, maintenance staff, engineers, and others whose jobs take them to transmission towers, oil rigs, power plants, and wind farms. Using rugged devices—including mobile, wearables, and other connected worker technologies—they can collect and share data, consult with colleagues, and receive real-time updates and alerts for faster response to critical situations.

Four key benefits

Networks connect workers with office advisors.

This transformation isn’t happening a vacuum. Advanced capabilities enabled by 5G are a key driver of this change, providing greater efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and collaboration between connected workers and the office. The resulting effect is enhancing business outcomes for incumbent utilities and oil and gas companies.

By accessing data on the spot, connected workers can make informed decisions fast. For example, a technician on a drilling platform can quickly assess downhole conditions and rig performance to diagnose problems and take corrective action. With comprehensive data, connected workers can also identify issues and perform preventive maintenance, improving overall operating efficiency.

Even in remote locations, connected workers can communicate with colleagues and supervisors in real time, accessing key information and making decisions without delay. Experts can help troubleshoot issues, offer guidance, and solve problems with greater accuracy. Digital tools also let connected workers better manage inventory, check equipment specs, and order spare parts when needed.

Network connectivity enhances safety via wearable and mobile devices. Smart helmets and watches and safety glasses monitor worker environments, track movements, and provide alerts. Devices can detect issues with the potential to escalate, like gas leaks or high temperature, so workers can take appropriate steps. They can also receive on-site training using augmented or virtual reality. These connected worker technologies can simulate hazard scenarios and give workers hands-on experience in resolving issues without putting them in danger.

Instead of physically having to travel to an office to get guidance and support, connected workers can solve problems on-site and in-the-minute. Workers can also use digital tools to document tasks, share files, and consult with colleagues, speeding decision making and reducing errors and miscommunications. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets let workers respond quickly to changing situations and stay productive even away from the office.

Superior network

5G connectivity elevates productivity.

T-Mobile’s Nationwide 5G is a game-changer for organizations that need superior speed, high capacity, and low latency with better coverage to manage rural and remote environments. T-Mobile for Business also provides connected rugged devices optimized to withstand harsh conditions. A good example includes the MG90 5G rugged router from Sierra Wireless.

Partnership & service

T-Mobile for Business connected worker solutions.

T-Mobile’s experts will work with you from beginning to end to help you select a network solution that connects your field workers to the main office. Contact T-Mobile for Business for further information.

T-Mobile for Business is helping energy companies to improve connected customer experiences with the country's largest and fastest 5G network. At T-Mobile for Business, we're focused on providing your business with connectivity solutions and dedicated, exceptional service you need to help you stay ahead. To learn more about how T-Mobile is architecting integrated solutions for energy providers that revolutionize digital transformation by leveraging the power and capabilities of 5G, visit our Energy industry page.

About the author:

Natacha Baroni.

Natacha Baroni is the Head of Energy Product Marketing at T-Mobile for Business, with over a decade of experience enabling customers in the energy industry improve efficiency, digital transformation, and safety. Specializing in marketing and product management, Natacha uses her experience to bring industry and customer perspectives into the development of business initiatives and go to market strategies to best meet industry needs.

Natacha holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and an MBA from Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis.

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