Future technologies are transforming the energy sector.

As 5G and IoT are featuring more prominently for energy companies, T-Mobile for Business is providing digital transformation in the energy industry and advancing the energy grid’s communication with utility technology solutions.

Factors driving the adoption of IoT in the energy sector and smart cities.

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Technology is deployed to align with smart city goals for improved mobility, safety, environmental, and economic drivers.

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Networks are built to support utility performance requirements and designed to be reliable and resilient for energy infrastructure.

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Safety & Security.

Energy technology advancements can be utilized to help improve safety in potentially hazardous oil or gas environments. 


A well connected, multi-service network to handle all your energy business needs.

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A digital transformation in the energy industry is possible by optimizing grid operations through the capture of data in real-time. Utilities can also capture meter data faster for more timely and accurate billing through new programs such as prepay solutions that help utilities avoid non-payment and improve cashflow.

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As utilities add more wireless connected devices, they need to minimize the number of networks they’re currently supporting for their energy infrastructure. T-Mobile 5G and LTE technologies enable the transition from multiple networks to one multi-service network platform.

5G and LTE offer broadband, narrowband, low latency, security, enhanced reliability, dense connections and the other performance features required by current and future utility smart grid use cases.

Our network allows energy companies to efficiently handle a large number of end points such as parking sensors, air quality sensors, smart meters, and lighting control devices.

By capturing energy data in real time, energy companies can be more cost effective and find ways to provide power without building expensive plants to meet demand.  

How T-Mobile helps increase efficiency for energy providers.

  • 5G and LTE technologies on one multi-service network

  • Network assists with providing improved mobility, safety and economic drivers

  • Digital transformation in the energy industry for emerging IoT needs

  • Network empowers energy customer decisions on usage

  • Empower providers to utilize and make better decisions regarding the grid during peak demand times

Energy perspectives.


America’s 5G network provides smart energy solutions.

You can count on reliable connectivity across extensive service areas include remote rural locations and in challenging environments such as office building, basements, and other structures.

A T-Mobile 5G network solution for energy enterprises can provide more bandwidth, lower latency, and much higher reliability than ever before with required redundancy.

Low latency allows utilities to better manage in near real-time issues such as faults/outage detection for better load balancing, improved safety, and provide a better customer experience.

Accurate, real-time data insights help drive performance, so field management can ensure workers are in the right place, at the right time. Using connected devices, such as drones over 5G and LTE, energy companies can reduce inspection times, lower costs, and improve worker safety.

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A reliable network improves your customers’ experience.

  • Our 5G network provides coverage for utilities in urban, and remote rural locations

  • Solutions tailored to specific needs to fill in gaps for coverage, capacity, and more

  • Improved meter data capabilities for prediction and measurement of usage

  • Low latency for better customer experiences

  • Assistance with the collection of accurate and timely data

  • Benefit from reduced inspection times, lower costs, and improved worker safety

Partner with T-Mobile for energy solutions and expertise.

Advanced technology solutions improve energy company operations.

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4 must-have technologies that will drive innovation for energy providers.

As demands on energy producers accelerate, companies are turning to new digital technologies to increase efficiency, ensure worker safety, drive revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. Learn about technologies sparking change in the energy industry.

Maintenance worker checks his cell phone, an oil refinery visible in the distance.

How oil and gas companies are putting the ROI in AI.

Oil and gas companies are increasingly turning to advanced technologies like AI and IoT to improve operational efficiency and resilience. See how T-Mobile can help power these solutions with our 5G network solutions.

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Driving operational efficiency with the right connectivity.

With the right connectivity, oil and gas companies can improve operational efficiency. This is why many are investing in connected technology solutions. Here’s a look at the factors, benefits, and challenges behind this trend.

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Build or buy? The choice that defines how companies modernize.

The right technology service provider is critical when tackling complex technology projects. Check out how T-Mobile can help you improve your oil and gas operations with our connectivity solutions.


Adopting new energy technology for safety concerns and potentially hazardous environments.

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Utilities are discovering the urgency of adopting new technologies because of safety and security concerns. Market drivers and pressures are leading energy companies to utilize communications including 5G and IoT. T-Mobile has the most deployed spectrum offering utilities a clear path as a partner for growth and managing network density concerns.

Utility energy technology solutions can help to improve workplace safety even in these potentially hazardous environments such as oil & gas. Training in virtual reality or using robotics is one of the most efficient ways of improving workplace safety, followed by sensors, detectors, and workers’ well-being tracking wearables.

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Our network helps provide companies with improved safety and 5G security.

  • Most deployed spectrum for growth and network density

  • Cybersecurity is a number one priority

  • Virtual reality tools can be utilized for energy employee training

  • Implement technology that increases safety for field workers and staff

Industry resources.

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IDC Perspective: evolving role of artificial intelligence in energy operations.

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