Get better access, cost savings, and an improved patient experience.

Rural areas and underserved communities are entering a new era of healthcare and getting the network, support, and innovation they need thanks to 5G technologies.

The evolution of 5G healthcare.

Dr. Christine Gall, Industry Segment Advisor at T-Mobile for Business, discusses how mid and low band spectrum could help accelerate the adoption of intelligent medicine. She shares tools and technology to support these emerging solutions, the role of 5G, and more.

The democratization of healthcare.

Cherry Drulis, Director of Healthcare (East) at T-Mobile for Business, discusses the meaning of telehealth on a community level, the state of telehealth in rural communities, the barriers to telehealth, and more.

Doctor works on a tablet with a reception área of a medical office in the background Doctor works on a tablet with a reception área of a medical office in the background Doctor works on a tablet with a reception área of a medical office in the background

Upgrade from pagers to smart devices for better patient care.

Empower your team to meet patient needs faster and more efficiently. Smart devices with T-Mobile can deliver seamless, two-way communications and draw on real-time data.

Deliver better care with the leader in 5G.

From telehealth to remote monitoring, we have you covered now. And as America’s largest, fastest, and now according to umlaut, most reliable 5G network, we’re ready for the future of telemedicine.

5G Coverage Map 5G Coverage Map 5G Coverage Map
Healthcare Healthcare Healthcare

Providing virtual healthcare access across America.

See how our solutions, from remote patient monitoring to care team collaboration, empower the world.

Telehealth Telehealth Telehealth

Supporting IoT connectivity for growing telehealth needs.

Get help operating two steps ahead—when staying connected matters most.

Digital care

Enabling healthcare providers to expand their thinking about care in a digital age.

Mother and child are on telehealth visit with doctor on laptop.

Bridging the healthcare divide with the next generation of telemedicine.

The introduction of telemedicine offers a new way to provide healthcare—using new processes and technology to meet current and future challenges facing the healthcare system.

Nurse speaks to doctor on computer monitor while person is on hospital bed in background.

Providing significant benefits for providers, patients, and payers.

With the growth of telehealth, rural areas gain better access to quality healthcare.

Healthcare unbounded

A reliable network provides the bedrock for mission-critical communication and collaboration.

Telemedicine has become mainstream with over 1 billion visits per year. 5G will enable you to scale, provide high-quality video, and transmit high volumes of data.

How 5G will transform telemedicine.

Now that telemedicine has reached the mainstream, 5G will enable you to keep improving the patient experience and provide telehealth at scale.

Female Healthcare provider

Top 6 ways 5G technology will accelerate innovation.

Investing in 5G means investing in innovation. Learn more about the top 6 ways that 5G technology improves the delivery of healthcare services.

Medical professional in scrubs works on a tablet in a hallway.

Sensor Solutions for Healthcare.

Gain the ability to monitor a wide variety of situations from a single system, while ensuring smooth-running operations that also protect your people and assets.

5G tower shows wavelengths entering various buildings and structures.

5G & Advanced Telemedicine.

New 5G capabilities will transform what’s possible in telemedicine and extend advanced care to more people.

Hospital monitor shows vitals and numbers.

Gartner Predicts 2021: Accelerate digital transformation to address disruption.

In Gartner’s latest predictions report, learn what you need to navigate an industry that has been changed forever and how 5G can help.

Female runner checks her watch as she leans against a railing with the New York City skyline in the background.

Internet of Medical Things.

Smart, connected medical devices and the data they generate are fueling the booming Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) industry. See why 5G will be essential to these advancements.

Let’s talk about how telehealth is evolving.