Healthcare Providers Must Accelerate Digital Transformation to Address Disruption.

Virtual healthcare has become the rule rather than the exception. In Gartner’s latest predictions report, learn what you need to navigate an industry that has been changed forever and how 5G can help.
Doctor examining patient chart on tablet Doctor examining patient chart on tablet Doctor examining patient chart on tablet

Medical innovation demands a scalable network.

The medical industry is at an inflection point with innovative technologies that are critical for telemedicine and the future of healthcare. We’re committed to supporting your needs with the largest 5G network – one that can scale to provide connectivity for all your patients.

A 5G future

5G is transforming telemedicine and the healthcare industry for good.

5G & Advanced Telemedicine.

New 5G capabilities will transform what’s possible in telemedicine and extend advanced care to more people.

Internet of Medical Things.

Smart, connected medical devices and the data they generate are fueling the booming Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) industry. See why 5G will be essential to these advancements.

Happening now

Telehealth solutions in action.

Advancements in telemedicine can be experienced today. See how the impact can be felt across America.

Changing the way the world views disability.

By doubling down on mobile, Easterseals Southern California boosted real-time collaboration, which helps clients define and reach their own potential.

Today’s pandemic shows us the promise of the Internet of Medical Everything.

With the COVID-19 response accelerating in-progress efforts to transform workplaces and schools, innovators are exploring the future of healthcare ahead of schedule.

Woman using iPad

Telehealth expands care delivery to meet more patients’ needs.

Here’s how two enterprise organizations are bringing mobile-first care to individuals and communities.

Innovative care and partnerships to support veterans nationwide.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) cares for 9 million Veterans—but a third of them live far from VA health services. Telehealth is key to closing this gap.

Telehealth is evolving. Are you with us?