Now get Wi-Fi that works like a T-Mobile tower.

Use your phone to make calls and texts from almost anywhere there's Wi-Fi. It's easy. Just connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network and it's all set. No additional apps, logins, or costs required.

The power to do business when needed.

Wi-Fi is nearly everywhere, and today, your phone can use any Wi-Fi connection like it’s a T-Mobile tower. Now, you and your team can choose how you connect no matter where you’re doing business, even beyond the reach of cellular.

All new T-Mobile smartphones have Wi-Fi calling.

And the exciting part, when you switch to T-Mobile and buy new Wi-Fi enabled devices, we’ll help pay off your old devices—up to $650 per line on up to 5 lines, and up to $100/line for lines 6 or more.

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Taking productivity to new heights.

See what the power of Wi-Fi calling and extenders can do for your business.

Stay connected beyond the reach of cellular.

A Personal CellSpot can help to max out your business’ Wi-Fi coverage when your network signal is weak. The 4G LTE CellSpot™ is free for T-Mobile customers.

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In-flight texting, Wi-Fi and now streaming.

Text, access Visual Voicemail, and more—all at 30,000 feet. PLUS, stay connected with an hour of Wi-Fi.


Got questions?

  • Wi-Fi Calling allows customers to make and receive calls and texts (SMS & MMS) over a Wi-Fi connection. Using Wi-Fi Calling is easy–customers won’t even know they’re making a Wi-Fi call. Simply connect to an available Wi-Fi network with a Wi-Fi calling-enabled smartphone and continue to make a call or send a text as you would over a cellular connection. No separate app or log-in or number is needed.

  • Where do we start? Benefits include:

    • Integrated out-of-the-box experience on T-Mobile capable devices – no extra app necessary
    • Uses your existing phone number–no additional logins necessary
    • Call or message virtually anyone from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection
    • Extends coverage in areas where no cellular network reaches
    • Receive and make Wi-Fi calls back to the United States from anywhere in the world at no additional cost
    • Available at no additional charge
  • First connect to a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi Calling is enabled out of the box on most phones. To ensure Wi-Fi Calling is enabled, go to Settings. Look for “More…” or something similar. Tap “More…” and scroll to see Wi-Fi Calling. Toggle to the “On” position. You can also choose whether to make Wi-Fi Calling your preferred mode of calling (default), or use cellular for voice calls whenever strong cellular service is available.

  • With next-gen Wi-Fi Calling, T-Mobile is pioneering a seamless handover between our LTE network and any available Wi-Fi connection so calls don’t drop between the two. Next-gen Wi-Fi Calling also features HD Voice quality, when calling another HD Voice-capable user. This means our customers can now maintain crystal clear HD Voice calls, whether connected to T-Mobile LTE or Wi-Fi–all using their existing T-Mobile number.

  • T-Mobile post-paid plans include unlimited voice so Wi-Fi Calling does not impact minutes. Every customer is set up to use Wi-Fi Calling without any extra effort on their part.

  • Yes, you must connect to a Wi-Fi network before your phone will automatically connect to that same network when in range. Once you’ve connected, you’ll be automatically connected when Wi-Fi is turned on.

  • Go to Settings and select Wi-Fi. A list of available Wi-Fi networks will appear. Select a trusted network and enter a password to connect. After the first connection, the phone will automatically connect to that same network automatically when in range.

  • Yes, when the device is in range of a reliable Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi calls and cellular calls are similar in quality. In fact, T-Mobile is the only major national carrier to offer HD Voice on Wi-Fi, and VoLTE for crystal clear HD Voice quality.

  • For Wi-Fi calling to work, a customer must have the following technical requirements:

    • Access to a Wi-Fi router with a high-speed internet connection
    • A Wi-Fi calling-enabled smartphone
    • A valid 911 address on file
  • There are a few places you can go to find out more about T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi Calling.

  • Yes, this is an exclusive offer for T-Mobile customers as a result of our partnership with In-Flight Connection. The service is available to T-Mobile customers at no additional cost on any In-Flight Connection-equipped flight to, from, or within the U.S. In order to use the features, you must have a select Wi-Fi Calling enabled device and have made at least one Wi-Fi call to activate Wi-Fi Calling feature prior to flying.

  • No, you do not need a In-Flight Connection account but you do need to be in Airplane Mode and connected to the In-Flight Connection Wi-Fi. It is only available to T-Mobile customers and standard messaging rates apply for customers without unlimited texting.

  • Standard messaging rates apply for customers without unlimited texting.

  • No, this only covers messaging over Wi-Fi for T-Mobile customers while in-flight. You can connect to your paid In-Flight Connection account through your device to surf the web.

  • Wi-Fi Calling must be activated on your phone prior to the first use of the In-Flight Connection Wi-Fi texting service. Making just one Wi-Fi call prior to flight will activate this service. You must also make sure you have the latest software on your device.

  • Yes, you must be in Airplane Mode and connected only to the In-Flight Connection Wi-Fi for this service to work.

  • Yes. SMS and MMS are both supported.

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