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T-Mobile In-Flight Connection On Us gives eligible customers free connectivity WITH streaming where available, all flight long on some plans on some of the biggest U.S. airlines, including Alaska Airlines and select American, Delta and United flights, with even more flights coming soon. You can activate the benefit on flights containing the T-Mobile logo.

T-Mobile customers on eligible plans including Go5G Plus, Go5G, Magenta, Magenta MAX and all Sprint plans excluding Essentials, Kickstart and legacy Talk & Text can take advantage of this great benefit.


Is my device supported? 

Most devices introduced after January 2015 are supported. Your device needs to support Wi-Fi in order to use T-Mobile In-Flight and must support (and have enabled) Wi-Fi calling in order to send text messages while inflight, including the text message that includes your One-Time PIN. Follow the pre-flight setup to be prepared to use all available services while inflight.

Pre-flight setup

Before you board the plane, make sure:

  • You have an active and eligible T-Mobile or Sprint account.
  • You have a compatible Wi-Fi Calling-enabled device. If you can't use Wi-Fi Calling, use the Wi-Fi calling troubleshooting page.
  • Wi-Fi calling is enabled on your device, you've completed e911 address registration, and you've made at least 1 call using Wi-Fi calling with that device and SIM card.
  • Your device software is up to date.

How to Use T-Mobile In-Flight

You can use T-Mobile In-Flight Connection On Us whenever it is enabled on your flight, which is often when your plane reaches 10,000 feet or higher. Some flights may offer Wi-Fi from gate to gate.

When Wi-Fi is available the Wi-Fi indicator onboard will be lit or your captain will give you the go-ahead to start browsing and texting in flight.

  1. Confirm you're on an eligible rate plan
  2. Place the device into Airplane mode and turn Wi-Fi on.
  3. Make sure Wi-Fi Calling is set to Enabled or On.
  4. Select the airline's Wi-Fi network.
  5. On some flights you will receive a pop-up page that allows you to select "Continue" to reach the Wi-Fi passes page.
    •  If you don't receive a pop-up page, depending on which airline you're flying, use these URLs to access the appropriate homepage:
    •  Most flights will have information on how to connect in the seat-back pocket. 
  6. Select the T-Mobile benefit titled: In-Flight Connection On Us!
  7. If you get a magenta T-Mobile exclusive screen, select Get Started. You won't get this page on all airlines.
  8. Enter your T-Mobile or Sprint phone number.
  9. If prompted, enter the CAPTCHA letters and numbers.
  10. Select Get Wi-Fi and Texting
  11. You may be prompted to enter a PIN at this stage. Use the One-Time PIN steps on this page for details.

    One-Time PIN steps


    When launching your T-Mobile In-Flight session, there is now a second layer of authentication using a One-Time PIN to make sure it's really you.

    • If further authentication is needed after you enter your T-Mobile or Sprint phone number, you'll get an onscreen message notifying you that a PIN is required to continue. When you select Continue, a One-Time PIN will be sent via text message to the phone number you entered.
    • Simply enter the PIN onscreen for verification and your T-Mobile In-Flight session will begin. Entering the One-Time PIN onscreen will ensure that the person requesting the use of the T-Mobile In-Flight benefit will be the one using it.
    • If you received the One-Time PIN and started your T-Mobile In-Flight session, your device information will be saved for your next flight on that airline. If you switch airlines, you may be prompted to enter your One-Time PIN again.
    • If you received this PIN and are not on a flight, someone has attempted to redeem the T-Mobile In-Flight benefit using your phone number. Rest assured; it doesn't mean anyone has access to your account. Without access to the PIN, the user is unable to authenticate and unable to redeem your benefit.
    • Your T-Mobile In-Flight benefit will only work on the device associated with your T-Mobile number.
    • Airplane mode and Wi-Fi calling must be enabled to receive your One-Time PIN. Please ensure your phone is in Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi Calling is ON and try again if needed (it may take up to 2 minutes to receive the PIN in flight).
  13. You will be prompted to select a 1-hr or full-flight session.
  14. A screen will appear stating that your Wi-Fi and texting has started to confirm you are connected.
  15. Start texting and browsing and enjoy your flight!

What's included with T-Mobile In-Flight?

Get data and messaging free for being a T-Mobile customer!


  • Many T-Mobile rate plans are eligible for four full flight streaming (where available) sessions and unlimited one hour of streaming (where available) Wi-Fi and unlimited texting on select flights to, from, or within the U.S. You can watch and text to your heart's content. Those rate plans include Go5G, Magenta and T-Mobile ONE plans, among others. Sprint customers on the Sprint ONE, Unlimited Freedom, Everything Data Share, Unlimited Savings, Sprint Unlimited, Affordable Choice, and more are eligible for this benefit.
  • Some T-Mobile rate plans are eligible for unlimited Full Flight Streaming (where available) Wi-Fi and texting on select flights to, from, or within the U.S. These include Go5G Plus, Magenta MAX, Magenta Plus, PlusUp, and ONE Plus, among others. Sprint customers on the Sprint MAX and Unlimited Plus/Premium plans are also eligible.
  • To upgrade to an eilgible plan, view our list of cell phone planslog in to your T-Mobile account, log in to your Sprint account, or contact customer care.
  • Video streaming, such as Netflix, Hulu or YouTube are available with the T-Mobile benefit on satellite flights that support streaming. In addition to the inflight entertainment provided for free from the airlines, T-Mobile customers can now choose to use their own streaming subscriptions to stream their favorite content.

Streaming availability

  • Streaming is only available on Satellite enabled flights. 
  • Satellite enabled flights are typically for larger planes or longer flights. 
  • Some planes use Air to Ground (ATG) networks instead of Satellite. ATG flights are typically for smaller, regional planes that go short distances.
  • While Wi-Fi may still be available on ATG, the speed will be slower and will not support streaming. 

Text and picture messaging

  • You get unlimited messaging all flight long!
  • Messages sent and received while using T-Mobile In-Flight Connection are billed according to your plan and services, just like when on the ground.
  • All messages are billed as if you are on a Wi-Fi network in a domestic location, regardless of where your flight takes you. That means there are no international roaming charges!
  • If texting doesn't work for a few minutes after connecting, make sure Wi-Fi Calling is set to Enabled or On
  • You can use Twitter via SMS with T-Mobile In-Flight. 

Visual Voicemail (VVM)

  • All versions of VVM (including Voicemail to Text) are supported, and they function the same in-flight as they do on a home Wi-Fi or network connection.
  • You should do the first-time setup of VVM or perform a version update while still on the ground, as doing these activities in-flight may not work properly.

Over-the-Top (OTT) messaging

  • OTT messaging is when you use third-party services to send an instant message instead of sending a text.
  • Messages sent and received using WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, and Google Hangout are unlimited when using T-Mobile In-Flight.

What's not supported

  • Voice services
  • Most third-party applications that require a data connection
  • Texting to short codes
  • Emergency services (911 via text or voice)
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Some VPN Applications 

Supported airlines

  • T-Mobile In-Flight is offered on several domestic carriers, such as:
    • Alaska Airlines
    • American Airlines (on select flights)
    • Delta Air Lines (on select flights)
    • United Airlines 
  • Some international flights to and from the U.S. on these airlines are supported.
  • Starting in February 2023, T-Mobile is a proud partner of Delta SkyMiles free in-flight Wi-Fi which offers fast, free Wi-Fi to all Delta SkyMiles Members on most Delta flights within the U.S. 

Free Wi-Fi for Delta SkyMiles Members

T-Mobile customers already get free texting, Wi-Fi and streaming where available all flight long on four of the biggest U.S. airlines as part of In-Flight Connection. Now, we’re partnering with Delta to give everyone with a Delta SkyMiles account regardless of their wireless provider free Wi-Fi all flight long on Delta Air Lines. Accessing free Wi-Fi will also give you access to free messaging so you can send texts, emojis, photos and videos (SMS unavailable).

You can expect Free Wi-Fi for Delta SkyMiles Members on most Delta flights with Viasat Wi-Fi enabled within the U.S. starting February 1, 2023, and will be on more than 700 Delta aircraft by the end of 2023. 

You can join Delta SkyMiles for free while on board or on the ground to access free Wi-Fi and other benefits. If you are not a member, In-Flight Wi-Fi is available for $10. 

Still have questions? Learn about more In-Flight Wifi benefits.

In-Flight support

Intelsat support:

  • Pre-flight requirements and participating airlines
  • In-flight connectivity issues

To receive in-flight support from the Intelsat Chat Team, open an Internet browser on your device and select FAQ & Live Help to be connected to a chat agent. Depending on the airline, you may need to select the person icon in the top right of your screen to find the LIVE HELP option.

Other support options

Before your flight, or when you're back on the ground, there are several ways for you to get help from Intelsat:

United support:

  • In-flight Wi-Fi connectivity issues

To receive in-flight support on United flights, you can submit a feedback submission in-flight for United to investigate any connectivity issues during your flight. You can access the feedback form by selecting the hamburger menu, choose Feedback, then Select Topic, then T-Mobile In-flight Connection.

Viasat support:

  • In-flight connectivity issues and assistance with Wi-Fi purchase

To receive 24/7/365 support from Viasat, visit to chat live with an agent.

Delta SkyMiles Members free In-Flight Wi-Fi program

Delta SkyMiles Members free in-flight Wi-Fi functions independent of T-Mobile plans and is sponsored by T-Mobile. For any issues with free Wi-Fi on your flight, visit the Delta Help Center.


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