America’s largest 5G network is better for business.

Our nationwide 5G network covers more businesses in more places than anyone else, with more coverage than the other guys combined.

5G network

With more coverage in more places, no 5G signal goes farther.

Our 5G network is almost


larger than before

We cover nearly


Americans every day.

We cover


cities and towns in all 50 states.

Access to our 5G network is included. No compromise. See for yourself.
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While 5G grows, you can count on our 4G LTE coverage connecting your business.

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How 5G works

Built from multiple bands of wavelength spectrum.
wavelength spectrums


  • 5G that smashes through walls
  • No other signal works better indoors and out
  • Brings 5G to more places


  • Great balance of speed and coverage
  • Much faster speed than low-band
  • Much greater coverage than high-band

High-band (mmWave)

  • Super fast speeds
  • Limited coverage—city blocks
  • Covers dense urban areas and venues

We have world-class spectrum holdings across all three bands.

T-Mobile controls an average of 319 MHz of low/mid-band spectrum nationwide. This is nearly 2x that of AT&T and nearly 3x that of Verizon.

A 5G future

T-Mobile and Sprint have merged, using technology to supercharge your business.

Massive capacity.

Over the next six years our capacity will increase 14x over what we have today to cover more businesses across the country.

15x faster.

Our network will be 8x faster than current LTE in just a few years, and 15x faster in the next six years.

99% with 5G.

We already have the largest 5G network, and within the next six years we’ll provide 5G to 99% of Americans.

Capable devices required; coverage not available in some areas. Some uses may require certain plan or feature. See full terms

The impact of 5G on business.

Satelite tower

Let’s talk about spectrum: how more bands make a better network.

If you’re considering the fascinating use cases fueled by the 5G era, you’ll want to understand how multiple frequency bands support them. And no, you don’t need to be a radio engineer.

Antenna tower

Whitepaper: Why organizations need access to all spectrum options for a successful 5G strategy.

Our TechTarget whitepaper explains how low-, mid-, and high-band spectrum can work together to support current and new use cases in the 5G future.

Man in his office on the computer

Not where but how: next-gen networks will fuel the future of work.

The massive shift to remote work during the Coronavirus pandemic revealed that many organizations can remain productive, even with a distributed workforce. Here, four enterprise leaders share their outlook.

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Mobile first, virtual everything—the compelling case for 5G-enhanced broadband.

Fast, reliable internet is now a lifeline across industries—as in-person exchanges continue to move online.

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