From reaching more patients with telehealth to advancing research and innovation, 5G will change what healthcare looks like—and potentially, the outcomes it delivers. Explore how 5G is being used today and what new use cases are on the horizon.

5G HQ Spotlight Series: Healthcare

Two people sit in chairs on stage with an oversized image of a tablet showing MRI results.


How 5G is improving healthcare: An interview with the experts.

Futurist and innovation expert Scott Amyx sits down with industry experts to discuss what's new and what's next in healthcare—and how 5G is changing healthcare for the better.

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Transforming care with 5G-powered use cases.

The use of 5G-enabled artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and robotics in healthcare are improving patient care while increasing business resilience.

Neurologist discusses brain scan with colleagues. Neurologist discusses brain scan with colleagues. Neurologist discusses brain scan with colleagues. Neurologist discusses brain scan with colleagues.

Industry insights

Doctor looking at brain scans and X-rays on a screen on the wall.

5G technology is accelerating healthcare provider innovation.

Read how 5G is fueling healthcare provider organizations' ability to innovate for their practice, products, and patients—and how you can prepare to innovate with 5G, too.

Young woman at home teleconferencing with her doctor on a smartphone.

5G: improving telehealth virtually anywhere.

Read the IDC Spotlight report to learn how 5G powers technology that enables or enhances telehealth and virtual care services in urban as well as rural areas.

Senior couple talking to their doctor on laptop while having breakfast.

Telemedicine benefits for crossing the healthcare divide.

Imagine not having access to healthcare because you live too far away or don’t have transportation. Telehealth is changing that reality for many patients, with the expansion of 5G coverage.

Woman taking advice from a doctor during a telemedicine session for her sick son.

5G and telehealth: significant benefits for providers, patients, and payers.

Read this infographic to learn how 5G-enabled telehealth helps clinicians provide patients with remote consultation, advice to manage their health at home, and useful resources.

Doctor discusses spinal X-Ray displayed on a tablet with patient

How T-Mobile 5G is advancing healthcare.

See how 5G can help providers connect with patients, improve outcomes, enhance the patient experience, and streamline tasks and processes to operate more efficiently and safely.

Doctor and female patient monitoring patient health on a tablet connected to a wearable device on patient wrist

Five ways 5G streamlines healthcare operations with real-time insights.

We’ve compiled the top five ways healthcare operations can benefit from 5G technology. Learn what 5G-enabled real-time insights can do for your practice.

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