Digital transformation is about reimagining your enterprise to meet changing market needs—and take advantage of new business opportunities—in an increasingly digital world. And because fast, flexible, and reliable networking is essential to connecting and innovating, 5G is at the heart of delivering what's next.

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Whether you're looking to decouple labor from location, derive greater intelligence from AI, or explore new business models, you need modern networking solutions to keep moving forward. 

That's why we're offering expert insights and guidance to support your 5G journey. From understanding how 5G use cases align to your strategic imperatives, to taking a phased approach to 5G adoption, to finding inspiration in what others are doing with 5G today, new options and opportunities are close at hand. See for yourself.

Parvin Mahajan and Will Townsend discuss building a sustainable supply chain in an episode of Real Talk.

Real Talk: breaking down business cases for 5G in five minutes or less.

Watch Parvin Mahajan, our VP of Solutions Engineering & Commercialization, connect with industry experts to unpack how 5G is supporting key business needs from greater employee empowerment and operational efficiency to differentiated products, services, and experiences.

Key business imperatives to guide your transformation.

Our 5G & Business Innovation Report shows that top business leaders are focusing on four key areas to drive their digital transformation efforts: streamlining operations, giving their teams the tools they need to succeed, making sure customers are happy, and developing new products and services.

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Optimizing operations.

5G cellular connectivity is ideally suited to various continuous and demanding operational challenges across nearly any industry. Learn how this can help you reduce costs, improve quality, and speed time to market.

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Empowering employees.

Every business is unique, but all share one thing: employees are a company’s greatest asset. Learn how 5G plays a role in helping attract and retain talent—while giving your employees the best chance to be successful wherever they work.

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Enhancing customer experiences.

Your customers expect to be fully connected anytime and anywhere. From sports arenas to airports to hospitals, learn how you can tap into the advantages of 5G’s advanced networking to make the most of every customer engagement.

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Creating new products and services.

Effective digital strategies often rely on leading-edge technologies like VR, AI, and ML to stay ahead of the competition. See how the added speed, capacity, and power of 5G allows you to create innovative products and services.

Putting a 5G plan in motion using a phased approach.

Not all businesses will leverage 5G for the same benefits. In this three-part article series, see why a 'crawl, walk, run' approach to adoption makes sense given 5G’s progressive nature. Learn how your organization can expand and implement technology to help boost operational performance and accelerate innovation to realize new opportunities.

Webcam view of three warehouse employees checking forms and moving boxes superimposed with ID, weight, and temperature data.

Crawl: Get started quickly and successfully.

Create new efficiencies and opportunities with a well-conceived 5G implementation plan that balances growing demands for advanced wireless capabilities with a long-term vision.

Delivery worker in AR glasses views digital package data, including delivery directions, details, and temperature.

Walk: Picking up the pace of adoption.

Ready to take your 5G implementation to the next level? The 'walk' phase is where you can expand 5G use to more users and applications and start seeing even bigger benefits for your organization.

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Run: Accelerating innovation and advantages.

From enhancing autonomous operations to making XR guidance part of your business model, 5G helps you turn unconventional thinking into a lasting advantage.

Learn from innovative leaders.

Ready to take your digital transformation to the next level? Discover how 5G can accelerate the process and make the transition smoother than ever before with these valuable resources.

Peer insights to inform your 5G journey.

Business leaders around the country have adopted 5G to fast-track their digital transformation. Want to know the secrets of success behind 5G adoption? In our 2022 survey, these leaders share insights, key learnings, and where they're headed next.

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Building an all-star team.

Maximize the benefits of 5G with the perfect mix of in-house talent and 5G-managed services. Learn how to acquire the right skills and ensure your business reaps all the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

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Frequently asked questions about 5G.

Learn from business leaders who have been on the journey themselves. Get answers to your burning questions on how 5G improves security, the differences between 5G and Wi-Fi 6, and more.

What’s next with 5G? Hear from the experts.

From curious minds in the tech industry to the innovators and creators of tomorrow’s applications, experts featured in our 5G Speaker Series explore making a connected world a reality. Watch past sessions on demand or sign up to watch an upcoming live session.

5G for Manufacturing panelists from AWS, T-Mobile, and Taqtile at the Summer Speaker Series.

5G for IoT and manufacturing.

The impact of 5G on IoT and manufacturing use cases has major implications for improved sustainability, transparency, and cost savings. Hear from Ajay Rane, Head of Telco IoT GTM — AWS; Cameron Byrne, Sr. Member of Technical Staff — T-Mobile; and Dirck Schou, CEO — Taqtile as they discuss changes they're seeing in the industry to adopt better workflows and use of connected sensors.

5G for Smart Cities panelists from Metrolla, Nokia, T-Mobile, and the City of Bellevue at the Summer Speaker Series.

5G for smart cities.

In an incredibly rich dialogue around Smart Cities with insightful questions from the audience, host Erin Raney is joined by Chelo Picardal, CTO — City of Bellevue; Adam Szablya, CEO & Co-founder — Metrolla; Mikko Jarva, Head of Advanced Technology — Nokia; and Mathew George, VP Real Time Services & Software Engineering — T-Mobile.

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