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T-Mobile has different types of Prepaid plans to fit your needs. If you're already on a prepaid plan, but you're looking at moving to a postpaid plan, read about switching to a postpaid plan. This document is a historical reference for customers who are still on the Simply Prepaid 10GB: 4 lines for $100 plan.


Things to know about Simply Prepaid 4 lines for $100 plan

  • A credit check is not required, and no deposit is needed to activate service.
  • Available for customers who want 4 or 5 lines.
  • The cost for the 5th line is $30, making it $130 for 5 lines.
  • The maximum number of lines is 5 per Prepaid account.


Simply Prepaid 4 lines for $100

Our Simply Prepaid 4 lines for $100 plan provides 30 days of service in which you get unlimited talk, text and data, as well as 10 GB of 4G LTE data on your smartphone. Simply Prepaid 4 lines for $100 includes:

  • 10 GB of 4G LTE data on your smartphone (amount of data depends on your plan).
  • Unlimited talk and text.
  • Wi-Fi Calling.
  • Data Maximizer Provides optimized streaming of detectable video at DVD-quality (480p+) for mobile viewing. This doesn't include the additional benefit of streaming with our participating Binge On video streaming services without using high-speed data. You may disable Data Maximizer at any time, but you'll lose Data Maximizer benefits. Not available on certain BlackBerry devices or plans.
  • Domestic data roaming: If you travel outside our network coverage, use wireless data from another carrier at no extra charge. International data roaming charges do apply.
  • Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (tethering): Share your phone's Internet connection with up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices.
  • Music Freedom streaming, which lets you stream as much music as you want on your smartphone from top streaming services, and it doesn't count against your data (except streaming Napster does deduct from high-speed data).
  • Visual Voicemail: View all your voicemail messages as a list without having to dial into voicemail.

For an additional fee, you can add these:

  • Mobile Without Borders: Lets you use your phone just like you would in the US.
  • Stateside International calling: You get unlimited calling to landlines in 200+ countries from the US, Mexico, and Canada, as well as unlimited calling and texting to mobile numbers in many countries from the US, Mexico, and Canada.
  • 5th line for $30: You can add a 5th line to the 4 lines for $100 plan for an additional $30, making it $130 for 5 lines.

This promo plan is not eligible for:

  • BlackBerry Web
  • CallerTunes
  • On Demand Data Passes
  • SCORE!
  • Simple Global
  • Customers with 3 lines or less


How to get Simply Prepaid 4 Lines for $100

How do I sign up?

You can no longer sign up on this plan, as it is no longer available. check out our current options.

If I’m already getting 3 lines for $100, why do I need to pay $1 to add a 4th line?

For this promotion, we are required to charge $1 to add a 4th line to your account, but don’t worry—your monthly recurring charge after your first month will remain $100!

Can I activate a 5th line on this plan?

You can! If you would like to have 5 lines on your account and take advantage of this four line offer, we can set your first lines up on the new 4 for $100 rate plan and then add a fifth line for just $30. This means your total monthly recurring charge for 5 lines would be $130.

If I’m on this promo plan and choose to cancel a line or change the plan on a line, do I lose my promotional discount?

Yes. If you choose to cancel or change the plan on one or more lines you should consider switching all your lines to another current plan to make sure you are getting the best value. Please speak to a T-Mobile representative for details.

To learn about current offers and additional prepaid services, see pricing and compare our current prepaid plans.



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