How to correct your personal information with us.

Log in to your account

Time estimate: Less than five minutes 

If you’re a customer, it’s fast and easy to correct your personal information online. Just log in to your T-Mobile account with the app on your phone or desktop. Go to your profile and select the type of change you want to make.

Billing & payments

This is where you can correct your billing address, AutoPay, payment methods, and paperless billing. 

T-Mobile ID

This is the place to edit your name, email, password, security questions, and phone numbers.

Caller ID

This is where you can update the name people see on their phone when you call them.

Line settings

Here’s where you can update your preferred name, E911/usage address, and line permissions.

Note: If you’re a former customer and you canceled your T-Mobile service more than 30 days ago, your account data is automatically deleted.

Call Customer Care

Time estimate: 10 minutes

Let us help you correct the personal information associated with your account.

Visit a store

Time estimate: Varies

To change the name on your account, please stop by a T-Mobile or Metro store. You’ll need to provide your valid U.S. driver's license or passport as proof of your name change.

Use our online form

Time estimate: Up to 45 days

If you’re unable to correct your personal information by logging in to your account profile, calling Customer Care, or visiting a store, you can submit a personal data request form now.