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We’re breaking down 5G barriers.

Realizing the full potential of 5G has been slow-going, often because carriers make it costly and confusing. As the Un-carrier, we’re changing that.

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Innovate and build on T‑Mobile's powerful network.

Introducing T‑Mobile DevEdge, a cutting-edge platform with tools and features designed to help developers tap into the power of T‑Mobile's network.

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DevEdge Developer Kits let developers connect seamlessly to the T‑Mobile network. And the first 1,000 are on us.

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Discover new innovation spaces and expanded programs.

We’re launching Tech Experience 5G Hub—a brand new hands-on innovation center—as well as expanding programs such as T-Mobile Accelerator and 5G Open Innovation Lab, and financially backing start-ups through T-Mobile Ventures.

Check out the Tech Experience 5G Hub.

This 24,000 square foot facility lets entrepreneurs and partners tap into 5G and work alongside T‑Mobile engineers to create new applications and solutions built for 5G.

Building new 5G powered experiences with Disney Studios StudioLAB and Red Bull.

Together with Disney Studios StudioLAB, we’re helping develop advanced production and storytelling capabilities with 5G connectivity. And with Red Bull sports, we’re giving fans immersive experiences like live video streaming from 5G-connected drones and helmet-mounted cameras on athletes.

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