October 06, 2004

T-Mobile USA Announces Combination GPRS Plus Wi-Fi Data Card

Bellevue, Wash. — Oct. 7, 2004

T-Mobile USA, Inc. today unveiled the Sony Ericsson GC79 PC card, a combination GPRS and Wi-Fi card that lets laptop computer customers access the Internet and corporate networks using multiple wireless data solutions.

The tri-band Sony Ericsson GC79 PC card is designed to provide a simple, flexible and affordable mobile solution allowing customers to use both T-Mobile's national wireless data network and T-Mobile HotSpot (Wi-Fi) wireless broadband locations, as well as those of its affiliates and roaming partners around the world. As the card is based on the 802.11b wireless standard, Wi-Fi compatibility also extends to most high-speed wireless home and office networked environments.

"This GPRS card with integrated Wi-Fi functionality is in keeping with our promise to continuously offer customers new and better ways to communicate, and the freedom to communicate in whatever way they want," said Scott Ballantyne, vice president of business services marketing for T-Mobile USA, Inc. "The GC79 PC card builds on our strengths in the wireless data access market to give laptop customers the flexibility of wireless access to the Internet, e-mail or corporate networks, regardless of their location at home or abroad."

Available today at $199.99* (U.S.), the innovative Sony Ericsson GC79 solution means mobile professionals will need just one card for wireless data access whether they're on the road in the United States or traveling overseas. Unlike solutions offered by carriers who use proprietary technologies, the functionality of T-Mobile's GC79 data card is based on widely accepted industry standards, including IEEE 802.11b and GSM/GPRS. GPRS is available to T-Mobile customers throughout an extensive domestic serving area and when roaming in international markets. With this industry standards-based data card, a customer can use his or her laptop for wireless data access at the places they already go. As an additional benefit from a corporate perspective, standards support makes the GC79 card easy for IT managers to certify, manage and maintain.

The card is compatible with both T-Mobile's widely available Internet (GPRS) network as well as the high-speed T-Mobile HotSpot Wi-Fi network that is based on the 802.11b standard. Customers can now get coverage where they want it at the speed they need it. For more information about the Sony Ericsson GC79 PC card and other unique offerings available exclusively through T-Mobile, visit www.t-mobile.com or a T-Mobile retail store.

* Plus taxes. Limited time offer; price subject to change.

Lindsay Morio

T-Mobile USA Media Relations



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