T-Mobile Stands Ready for Hurricane Rita’s Landfall

September 21, 2005

Bellevue, Wash. — Sep. 22, 2005

T-Mobile USA, Inc. is preparing for the potential impact of Hurricane Rita. The T-Mobile Disaster Recovery Team stands ready at several command centers within close proximity of the areas expected to be hit hardest -- enabling teams of technicians to mobilize, as soon as conditions permit, to work to restore service to cell sites that may be affected by the storm.

-- In the event of widespread power outages throughout the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, T-Mobile has more than 10,000 gallons of fuel accessible and ready-to-roll into the affected areas to power cell site generators and company repair/transport vehicles, and for other emergency circumstances. T-Mobile also has on-demand access to thousands of gallons of additional fuel from suppliers.

-- To help protect its core network, T-Mobile has fortified its network switch operations serving the greater Houston market, and continues to reinforce its switch in New Orleans, which remained operable through Hurricane Katrina.

-- Microwave equipment has been trucked into the region to facilitate data communication from the cell sites to T-Mobile's network switches, as backup, in the event T1 fixed line service fails.

-- T-Mobile has dozens of generators and several Cells-On-Wheels (COWs) on standby to support wireless communications to areas hardest hit by the storm.

-- The company also is coordinating recovery efforts with local and state officials, as well as with U.S. Homeland Security and the FCC.

-- T-Mobile is seeing increased wireless traffic on its network in northern Houston and Austin as people evacuate. T-Mobile is taking steps to increase wireless capacity in those areas as customers move inland.

T-Mobile Customer Tips

In order to better facilitate communication between families and loved ones, and to alleviate anticipated network congestion before, during and after the storm, T-Mobile recommends its customers follow these important tips:

-- Utilize text messaging to communicate instead of voice calls. Text messaging has a greater success rate in getting through the network during high-usage periods versus voice calls.

-- Keep your voice calls short in duration.

-- Make sure your phone is fully charged prior to the storm. Consider obtaining a vehicle charger in the event of power loss.

-- For T-Mobile Customer Care assistance, please visit http://my.t-mobile.com, call 611 from your T-Mobile handset, or dial 1-800-937-8997.

Lindsay Morio

T-Mobile USA Media Relations



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