T-Mobile Offers Unlimited 4G LTE Data for Businesses, Too

December 08, 2014

On the heels of announcing America’s only unlimited 4G LTE family plan with multi-line discounts, T-Mobile also confirmed that it is offering unlimited 4G LTE data for businesses, starting at just $100 for two employees and only $40 more per employee for as many lines as they need.

That’s right – there’s no line limit, no complicated pricing, no pool of shared data, no tracking employees’ data usage, no domestic overages and no bill shock.

Managing shared data plans is hard for families and even more complicated for businesses. Employees’ everyday app usage on smartphones eats up a ton of data.

If you have one employee backing-up their smartphone to the cloud, one accessing a file share and one participating in a video conference on their device, how do you keep tabs on how much data is being used – and avoid budget-busting surprises?

Customers on T-Mobile’s unlimited 4G LTE data plan for business also get all the Un-carrier “Simple Choice” benefits, making it T-Mobile’s best value ever for businesses. And small businesses who use less high-speed data can take advantage of T-Mobile’s newly reintroduced promotion - 4 lines for $100 with 10GB of data (2.5 GB per line).

The Unlimited 4G LTE business plan offer is available starting December 10, 2014 for a limited time. Once you sign up, there is no planned expiration date – so you can keep the plan even after the offer is no longer available. All lines on your account must have unlimited 4G LTE data to continue to qualify.

To learn more about these plans, as well as our all our Un-Carrier benefits for businesses including Simple Global, in-flight texting with Gogo, Wi-Fi calling and JUMP!, please visit http://business.t-mobile.com