T-Mobile Gears Up for Eclipse-Mania

August 14, 2017

Bellevue, Washington – August 15, 2017 – The solar eclipse on Monday, August 21 is going to be HUGE. Not just because it’s an extraordinary celestial event, probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen… but it’s expected to be one of the most photographed and shared events in history! It’s estimated up to 7.4 million people will travel to the path of totality, joining the 12.2 million Americans already living there. So to prepare for the flood of tweets, posts, texts, snaps and more, T-Mobile has been ramping up our network by expanding existing capabilities and adding temporary towers in areas we expect to see an influx of traffic. We think we are in great shape, but it is rare that hundreds of millions of people across the country could watch a single event and start sharing their pictures all at once… always better to be prepared!

While we expect nothing but top-notch performance from our network, there could be select areas that experience extreme levels of traffic. Here are some tips for keeping your phone powered up and connected, no matter where you are:

  • Keep your phone charged, and have back-up power (check out some options at T-Mobile retail stores and online)
  • Share and view others’ photos and video after the eclipse ends…  you won’t be the only ones with great things to post & publish!
  • Texting is always faster than calling, particularly if you are in a crowded area of people enjoying the view!
  • Keep calls short…. Who wants to talk on the phone when you can be looking at this amazing eclipse!

When it comes to getting those pics for posting, we spotted this awesome blog from NASA. It includes tips on snapping photos with your smartphone, like manually focusing instead of relying on auto-focus, and keeping a wide shot unless you have a zoom lens attachment. But most importantly, as you’re getting and sharing the best shots possible, BE SAFE! Don’t look directly at the eclipse unless you have an approved solar filter or viewer!

Enjoy the eclipse!

Below is our official statement regarding network preparations:

“We’re boosting coverage and capacity in several areas by adding temporary mobile sites and expanding existing network capabilities so that our customers can quickly and easily connect wherever they are.”