New Video Series: We Are T-Mobile (Updated)

July 26, 2019

This new T-Mobile series will feature some of the big dreamers, risk takers and changemakers we're lucky enough to have on our team. The first video features DJ Hurston, who works out of our Charleston Experience Center.

If you know T-Mobile, you've probably heard us use the phrase #AreYouWithUs (we kinda say it a lot). But who's the "us?" In our newest video series, we'll be featuring some of the big dreamers, risk takers and changemakers we're lucky enough to have on our team. #WeAreTMobile


Vanessa Collins is a Team of Experts representative in T-Mobile’s Springfield Customer Experience Center. She’s passionate about opening her heart and home to foster children, and thanks to T-Mobile benefits was recently able to fully adopt a 12-year-old daughter. This is her story.


Chicago-based Team of Experts Coach Brittny Tripicchio found herself, overnight, having to take on the roll of mother to her 16-years-younger sister. With her home life in tumult, she found stability in her role at T-Mobile. Here she shares the story of both families that are dear to her heart.


Tech Support Representative Scott White found his purpose by serving others, first as a member of the military and now as a veteran on the frontlines at T-Mobile. Giving back is in White's blood; here's how he serves not only his community of customers, but his home community of Nashville as well.


Ever wonder what it’d be like to work with your spouse? How about your spouse and your kids? Tech Community Coach Anthony “Tony” Smith, his wife Tana, a Customer Service Representative, and two of their children, Travis and Taneilya, share why they love working together as a family at T-Mobile.


Team of Experts Manager Glenda “Imani” Toliver rose above her past struggles to become a leader and mentor. As part of T-Mobile's Women's Leadership Network, Imani strives to help advance the careers of women. Here she shares her inspiring story, and equally inspiring spoken-word poetry.


Joseph Richards, a Customer Resolution Expert, shares his unique journey of becoming his true self, and why T-Mobile is repeatedly recognized to be the best place to work for LGBT employees.


DJ Hurston works out of our Charleston Experience Center, where he's following his dreams—and empowering others at T-Mobile to do the same.