Important Gulf Coast Update from T-Mobile

September 01, 2005

Following is updated information from T-Mobile as of Sept. 2

Bellevue, Wash. — Sep. 2, 2005

T-Mobile USA today issued an update on its efforts to restore its wireless network in the north Gulf Coast areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

--More than 80 percent of T-Mobile market coverage is now operational in the Mobile, Ala. area.

--More than 40 percent of T-Mobile market coverage is now operational in the Hattiesburg, Miss. and Mississippi Gulf Coast areas.

--Fifty percent of T-Mobile wireless coverage is now operational in the greater New Orleans area. Downtown New Orleans is still experiencing limited service, although T-Mobile crews are making progress in their efforts to restore service as emergency personnel allow access to some of the hardest hit areas.

--T-Mobile has mobilized resources from across the country to support the recovery efforts. Specifically, T-Mobile offices in Atlanta, Dallas and Houston have sent significant numbers of engineers and technicians to conduct onsite recovery efforts.

--T-Mobile is employing several hundred generators and dozens of cells-on-wheels (COWs); and has access to enough fuel to keep the generators powering cell sites up and running, and to bring new sites online.

T-Mobile personnel on the north Gulf Coast rode out the storm at its switching facility in New Orleans in an effort to keep its network functioning at the highest service levels possible. Additional engineers were on the ground within hours in the hardest-hit areas to begin the process of restoring wireless service to residents and public safety agencies throughout the affected areas.

Historical Data:

--The T-Mobile New Orleans Switching facility, which serves New Orleans and Baton Rouge, remained operational throughout Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

--In order to keep the switch operational following the storm, T-Mobile immediately began airlifting supplies, technicians and diesel fuel into the facility to keep the switch supplied with generator power [Editor's Note: video footage available to the media upon request]. This would not have been possible without the exceptional aid of local law enforcement agencies, which have been instrumental in assisting T-Mobile in keeping this vital communications link operational.

--On 8/29, T-Mobile processed 600,000 wireless calls in and out of New Orleans

--On 8/30, T-Mobile processed 1.1 million wireless calls in and out of New Orleans

--On 8/31, T-Mobile processed 1.4 million wireless calls in and out of New Orleans

--The T-Mobile switches which serve Alabama and Mississippi also remained in operation throughout Hurricane Katrina despite the fact that the switch buildings sustained heavy damage due to rain and wind.

Relief Efforts:

Following highlights some of the efforts that T-Mobile has initiated to help in recovery efforts:

--T-Mobile is providing free phone calls and phone charging services to those affected by the storm at open retail locations in the hardest-hit areas, including Baton Rouge, La., and Gulfport, Miss., which was the first business of any type to re-open in downtown Gulfport.

--T-Mobile is offering free Wi-Fi service at all open T-Mobile HotSpot locations in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

--Additional relief efforts will be announced as the situation progresses.

Helpful Consumer Tip:

Where T-Mobile has operable service in the severely impacted areas, customers should consider text messaging or Instant Messaging to connect with family or loved ones, since data is transmitted more efficiently than voice calls, and has a higher success rate of getting through during network congestion compared to voice calls.

Lindsay Morio

T-Mobile USA Media Relations


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