#GetOutoftheRed Top QA

May 24, 2017

What phones are eligible?

The following devices are eligible:

  • iPhone SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus
  • Google Pixel, Pixel XL

What about other phones?

Phones need certain software to be globally compatible, and some phones don’t yet have that software. We’re working with OEMs to make more phones compatible and help more people #GetOutoftheRed.

Why doesn’t this work for AT&T or Sprint?

AT&T and Sprint must unlock their devices, and those phones won’t work right away on T-Mobile’s network. But, AT&T and Sprint customers can still switch to T-Mobile. We’ll pay off their early termination fees (ETFs) or outstanding phone payments via prepaid card when they get a new phone on T-Mobiles Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). And for a limited time, we’re waiving the trade-in requirement for Carrier Freedom.

How is #GetOutoftheRed different from Carrier Freedom?

There’s no trade-in required to get your iPhone or Pixel paid off, and you can keep that device to use on the T-Mobile network when you switch and sign up for T-Mobile ONE and Premium Device Protection Plus.

Limited time offer; subject to change. Qualifying device & credit, port-in from eligible carriers, and qualifying service required. Carrier’s Early Termination Fee or remaining device balance, including lease purchase option paid by prepaid MasterCard® Card (expires in 12 months) typically within 15 days (device reimbursement) or 30 days (ETF). Submit proof of balance & 60+ days in good standing w/ carrier within 30 days of port-in and be active and in good standing when processed. We might ask for more information. Up to 5 lines. One offer per subscriber. T-Mobile Prepaid MasterCard Card is rebate/reimbursement or exchange on new device, service, or port-in (maximum $350 per individual for ETF); for any tax implications, consult a tax advisor. No money has been paid by you for the card. Cards are issued by Citibank N.A. pursuant to a license from MasterCard International and managed by Citi Prepaid Services. Physical (via mail) & virtual prepaid cards (via SMS) available; physical cards for use where MasterCard cards accepted; some limitations for virtual cards. Cards will not have cash access and can be used everywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. Card terms and conditions apply.