‘Big?’ We Prefer ‘Unlimited’

October 01, 2017

People like to say "Go big." At T-Mobile, we like things bigger than that. "Unlimited" is our preference. That goes for the joy our customers get from the wonders of wireless. And it goes for equality, too. And pride. Which we demonstrated this past weekend at huge events in New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston and Puerto Rico.

We went bigger than big at all these events -- a handful of the 53 we're participating in this year -- because of our deep commitment to equality and to inclusion. We know that everyone is at their best when they're free to be themselves, and our people being themselves is exactly what has made us the best in our industry. Our customers are also at their best when they're free, and we've long believed in the power of un-leashing things from the constraints that would hold them back.

We, as a company, have certainly benefitted from this approach. We know the world will, too, and that's why we're all in on #UnlimitedPride.

Be your unlimited self and make your world a better place.