Goodbye speed bumps, hello more data

May 10, 2021

5G unleashes your network to give you more – more movies, music and time spent connecting with friends and family

The word “5G” is everywhere, but like a lot of people today, you might still be wondering what it’s good for. Faster speeds? Yep. Better coverage? Yep, that too. But 5G is also about removing limits imposed by older technologies that have existed for more than a decade.

One of the many remarkable things about 5G is its sheer capacity. 4G LTE is limited to using 20 MHz chunks of spectrum – that’s technical speak for the amount of invisible airwaves that your wireless data runs on. 5G has blown past that limit, allowing chunks of 100 MHz. That’s like going from a single-lane road to a 5-lane superhighway!

With a single lane, traffic has to queue up and wireless providers were forced to create things like on-ramp metering or traffic calming techniques. But with a bigger, higher capacity 5G data highway, we’re able to deliver a lot more data faster. This is why T-Mobile recently launched Magenta MAX, the first and only plan of its kind specifically built for a powerful 5G network.

With Magenta MAX, you can’t be slowed down based on how much data you use. And THAT means you can get more from your favorite device – more movies, more music and more time spent connecting with friends and family. Today, nearly 50% of Magenta MAX customers use a 5G smartphone, and they’re using a ton more data – 43% more music, 48% more video and 26% more social media! In addition, MAX customers’ smartphone mobile hotspot data usage is up 4x. To put this in more tangible numbers, in the approximately two months since Magenta MAX hit the scene, these customers on average have each listened to the equivalent of 360 more songs, watched 576 more minutes of video and made 1,512 more posts on social media than our other customers.

Magenta MAX 5G smartphone customers data usage compared to T-Mobile postpaid subscribers with LTE smartphones.

As the saying goes, ‘if you build it, they will come.’ And in true Un-carrier fashion, T-Mobile is building the highest capacity 5G network in the country. That means bigger, faster data highways with a 5G network that has you covered in WAY more places than the competition. And with Magenta MAX you can tap into all the benefits that this supercharged 5G network has to offer. Learn more about available benefits with T-Mobile plans.

Max: Activate up to 4K UHD streaming on capable device, or video typically streams at 480p. Unlimited while on our network. 5G coverage not available in some area; capable device required. Some uses may require certain plan or feature; see

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