Why the SyncUP KIDS Watch is the Ultimate Adventure Buddy

By Liz Habersham, T-Mobile StoriesNovember 05, 2021

Kids love to explore, and T-Mobile recently unveiled a new device to help kids navigate their daily adventures with confidence. Here are some features of the new SyncUP KIDS Watch that make it the perfect companion.

Kids are creative, they love to play and sometimes they just need a bit of a nudge in the right direction. An ideal adventuring session, whether in new terrain like an amusement park or on a field trip at school, is one where the child can feel free, but also where guardians can have peace of mind. The solution? A product that allows children to explore the world with confidence while staying connected.

As a device that functions as a watch, camera and line of communication back home, the SyncUP KIDS Watch is like the ultimate adventure buddy. Packed with a range of top-of-the-line features for kids’ watches, this watch can do everything from offer fun games to help kids stay in touch with loved ones and communicate in case of an emergency.

The SyncUP KIDS Watch isn’t just any adventure buddy, it’s an engaging new method of communication with long-lasting battery and an OLED display. Here’s a breakdown of features.

1. Talk and Text with Approved Contacts

When wearing the watch, a child can navigate through the world with an easy way to talk and text with a list of approved-only contacts. For younger kids who might not be ready for a smartphone quite yet, the watch can still provide a method of communication for parents and kids, minus some of the more distracting (or less than kid-friendly) content. With the watch, a child can feel confident that their loved ones are only a call, text or button press away.

2. Real-Time Location Tracking

In addition to creating a convenient form of communication for kids, the SyncUP KIDS Watch also gives a child’s loved ones greater piece of mind. A day of play can take a child to many exciting places. Now, with the location tracking feature, a parent can simply check the app to see real-time location. This also goes both ways, kids can use it to “check-in” and send their location to their parents.

3. Virtual Boundary Alerts

One very useful feature of the SyncUP KIDS Watch is called virtual boundary alerts. Much like the real-time location feature, virtual boundaries provide kids and parents with a way to feel more in sync throughout the day, and boundaries can be set to match a kid’s daily routine. For example, parents can set the boundary around their school and get notified when they cross the boundary and are on their bus home. With virtual boundary alerts, a child can explore within a designated region, helping parents worry less.

4. Help Button

Another reassuring feature of the SyncUP KIDS Watch is the help button. With this feature, a child can easily alert pre-set emergency contacts if ever in need. By simplifying the process of asking for help, the SyncUP Kids Watch can ensure that the child’s closest loved ones know when help is needed. It’s nice to know that this digital buddy is there to assist a child in times of need.

5. A Camera and Additional Fun Features

While the SyncUP KIDS Watch has safety features parents want, it also has fun features that kids will love too, like interactive games and fun characters that can offer kid-friendly engagement during that downtime in between activities. To help kids build responsible habits, there are also organizational features like the ability to set tasks, reminders and even rewards. Not to mention, there’s a school mode which silences notifications for maximum focus. Encouraging good choices while also being fun? That’s an adventure buddy that every kid deserves.

SyncUP Kids Watch: To communicate with the device it must be turned on and in an area with coverage. Location information is approximate & may not always be available. Intended to be used by a child and monitored by a parent or legal guardian; use as intended and only for lawful purposes.