Travel Alert: Even with an eSIM-only Phone, Magenta MAX Lets You Roam Free

By T-Mobile StoriesSeptember 16, 2022

Phone makers are making waves by removing the physical SIM card from newer devices. T-Mobile has a plan for keeping you connected worldwide, whatever your SIM (or eSIM) status.

While the latest big 5G device launch had many people excited — with new bells and whistles like upgraded camera features, improved battery life and always-on display — not everyone was thrilled, namely people with passports.

Many travelers, when visiting a new country, would simply pop in a local SIM card to avoid any surprise bills when roaming, given their plans didn’t cover international travel. So when a major flagship device was unveiled without a slot for a physical SIM card, the news had international travelers super worried — and up in arms.

PCMag reported that “the decision to rely exclusively on eSIM isn’t sitting well among international travelers, who use physical SIM cards to change carriers when visiting countries outside the US.”

While Fast Company asked, “Is eSIM a problem for overseas travel?” Simply answering: “Right now, yes.”

Naturally, the outrage on social media was swift and loud, with one traveler tweeting (and 217 others retweeting): “Now no SIM card so if you’re traveling, you’re forced to pay for international roaming on your eSIM from US carriers?!”

You see, many countries do NOT have the ability to activate eSIMs yet, which means you need a physical SIM card to switch to a local provider… or be on a plan that keeps you covered even beyond the signal of its own network.

And that’s what T-Mobile just did.

A few months ago, in anticipation of this very moment, T-Mobile introduced Coverage Beyond, a new initiative purpose-built for travelers and optimized on its Magenta MAX plan.

Now, when touching down in a foreign country, T-Mobile customers with a 5G-enabled device get 5GB of free high-speed data each month, up to 5G speeds where available, in 215+ countries and destinations on Magenta MAX.

Coverage Beyond is a solution to the concerns of the modern-day traveler who needs to stay connected no matter where they are — and, yes, even if your device only has an eSIM. You can roam and use your phone almost like you’re at home without coming home to a massive overage bill.

Many Americans have taken part in the latest post-COVID travel boom, and the trend is expected to continue this fall and through the holiday season, with more than a third of Americans planning to take a trip in the next three months.

With Magenta MAX, even with only an eSIM, they can travel without worry.

Switching to T-Mobile is easier than ever thanks to Easy Switch in the T-Mobile app that leverages eSIM technology to easily switch to the Un-Carrier in a few simple clicks.

Looking for more expert advice? You can watch a simple eSIM explainer video here, and listen to insights on the future of 5G and connected travel here.