Quiz: What Type of Conscious Consumer Are You? Let Us Guess!

By T-Mobile StoriesOctober 11, 2021

Choosing where to put your philanthropic efforts can be difficult when there are so many important causes out there that need our help! Walk through this “day in the life” quiz, and we bet we can guess the charitable cause that matters most to you. (It’s undoubtedly near and dear to T-Mobile’s magenta heart, too!)

Here at T-Mobile, the idea of “caring for our customers” is woven into the very fabric of the company, from our mission statement to our values to our actions. This last year alone was filled with a number of company-wide milestones that made us proud! We were recognized as #5 in Top Employers’ Response to the Pandemic by Forbes and JUST Capital, received a 100% score in the Disability Equality Index and made $100 million in direct and in-kind donations to support local communities — just to name a few. Though we are excited about these achievements, we realize that a company's work is never done, and we're just getting started in our goal of contributing to a better tomorrow.

With such a wide variety of issues that matter to us, it can be difficult to properly share a comprehensive view of our charitable causes. However, as published in our most recent Corporate Responsibility Report, our primary focus has been on three important areas: bridging the digital divide, diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) and contributing to a thriving planet.

We designed this quiz to see if we’re contributing to a cause that matters to you. It’s a day in the life adventure where the seemingly simple choices you make as you navigate an otherwise unassuming rainy day can reveal so much!

We’ll catch up with you at the end, where you’ll be awarded a special charitable title and learn a bit more information about our companywide efforts along the way!