With Simple Choice, Value & Transparency Are For Everyone

By John LegereMarch 27, 2014

Updated April 2, 2014

Update:  Current Customers to Keep their Employer Rate Plan Discounts 

Listening to customers is what makes us the Un-carrier. In fact, the simple act that first ignited the Un-carrier revolution was that we listened to customers -- what they want, what they need, what frustrates them about this crazy industry.  That was the spark.

Over the past couple days, I’ve been doing a lot of listening to our customers.  And, we've decided to update our implementation plan for the changes I announced to the Advantage Program.  Everyone enrolled in the Advantage Program or who applied to enroll before April 1st will be able to keep a rate plan discount as long as they work at a participating employer and remain on a qualifying plan.  All of our Simple Choice plans currently qualify.  We will be asking that customers participate in a simple annual online employer verification.  That's it.

Listen, I still believe that complicated rate plan discounts and backroom deals with big corporations are unfair and part of what needs changing in the US wireless industry.  And, I meant what I said: we’re not going to play that game anymore. As of April 1, new customers in these programs can get a $25 Reward Card whenever they buy a device.  We're moving away from the notion of different prices for different customers, so we can invest in providing simplicity and value to all customers.

As America’s Un-carrier we’re never going to stop listening and learning and – most importantly – changing what needs fixing in wireless.  You have my word on that.


Original Post from March 28, 2014

I’m writing to let you know about another step we’re taking in our Un-carrier movement to bring true fairness and freedom to US wireless. 

As the Un-carrier, we have one totally transparent Simple Choice rate plan, and it’s already a screaming deal.  And, we keep making it better and better. In fact, just last month, we added… 

- more 4G LTE data – at no extra cost,

- more Simple Global countries, making the world your network in even more places – at no extra cost,

- texting from the US to virtually anywhere in the world – at no extra cost. 

Beginning April 1, T-Mobile will be moving away from employer rate plan discounts and replacing them with a T-Mobile reward card of $25 each time an employee purchases a new device.  It's simple, clear and transparent – like everything we do.  For a family of four who upgrade their devices once a year, that’s as much as $100 off.  $200 if they upgrade twice a year.

The old programs were designed to help big carriers close big corporate contracts, with employees as bargaining chips.  We aren’t playing that game anymore.  This change is about simplifying wireless for everyone … including employees of small and large companies alike.

The other guys’ best plans with fat corporate discounts still can’t match the value of our Simple Choice plan.  We offer the best deal in wireless. Period.

A year ago, I promised we’d change this industry, and this is just one more step in the movement.  And, we're not done yet.  Stay tuned.

* See T-Mobile.com for service details and country lists.