Time for a Real Micdrop. More Evidence T-Mobile is Destroying Verizon’s Network Edge.

By Neville RayFebruary 15, 2017

The good news just keeps rolling in for Un-carrier customers, and that’s bad news for Verizon. For the second time in as many weeks, another network performance study is demonstrating T-Mobile’s LTE network speed and strength— that means the end of Verizon’s vaunted network edge.

The latest results released earlier this morning from OpenSignal, the most extensive test of LTE network speed and customer experience based on 4.6 BILLION actual user experiences, rank wireless providers based on LTE speed and availability across five regions. And again, no surprise, T-Mobile ranks first or second for LTE speed and availability in every single region.

All of which is bad news for Verizon, who have always relied on essentially two strategies—tout the best network, and charge the most money. Well, that first strategy is gone. Their perceived network advantage is history, and Verizon knows it. Look no further than their abrupt about face on unlimited data for proof.

For years, Verizon’s tried to force customers off unlimited data or convince them they don’t need it. One of the suits at Verizon actually said this: “people don’t need unlimited plans.” They’ve even run commercials explaining why limits are better than unlimited. So, what changed? Why did Verizon launch an unlimited plan? I’ll tell you what changed – the Un-carrier. Verizon knows their network advantage is gone, and they’re forced to finally – after SIX YEARS – cave-in on unlimited data.

Now, faced with the loss of their network advantage, Verizon has only one strategy left – charge the most money. Yea, that sounds exactly like Verizon.

Get this. For LTE speed, T-Mobile’s network ranked No.1 outright in two regions and tied for No.1 in a third, in a dead heat with Verizon overall. And T-Mobile’s network ranked second -- within a stone’s throw of Verizon’s -- on LTE availability in all regions. T-Mobile customers get an LTE signal roughly as often as Verizon customers. That, to me, underscores the expansive breadth of T-Mobile’s LTE coverage, which now reaches 314 million people and covers 99% of the people Verizon covers.


Of course, the best way to understand all this is to experience it yourself. There’s just no other way to fully appreciate the full power of T-Mobile’s network—with more advanced LTE technologies than any other US network. Like VoLTE, EVS, 256QAM and 4x4MIMO. All of which translates to speeds up to a blistering 400 Mbps—and an amazing network experience.

Here’s how OpenSignal described their findings on LTE network speeds …

“Just as we saw in our national rankings, we had a real contest in 4G speed across the five regions. T-Mobile and Verizon split the awards down the middle. T-Mobile topped our LTE speed meter in the Northeast and Southeast, while Verizon won the Midwest and West. The final region, the Southwest, was an extremely close race, resulting in a statistical tie between the two operators.”

I love me some good competition. It’s good for everybody. Most importantly, it’s good for customers. In fact, with the huge advancements we’re driving in network performance, it’s a GREAT time to be a wireless customer. Now, we’ve put an end to Verizon’s network edge. T-Mobile’s network can go toe-to-toe with anyone virtually anywhere.

A growing number of independent third-party studies, including Speedtest.net, Twin Prime, the FCC and OpenSignal tell the story of T-Mobile’s network strength. In fact, every test of real people using their real devices where they really live, work and play shows the T-Mobile network is neck and neck with Verizon—if not ahead.

Still, it’s no surprise that tests by consultants using test devices on a pre-determined route – and who Verizon pays millions every year – show something different. But T-Mobile’s going to put its trust in real people every time. After all, from the beginning, this whole Un-carrier revolution’s been for the people. Through our industry-rattling Un-carrier moves and from our industry-leading network innovations, we’re changing wireless for good. And, have I mentioned, we won’t stop?

Based on T-Mobile analysis of OpenSignal reporting United States 2017. Results © 2017 OpenSignal. All intellectual property rights, data, content, graphs & analysis in report is owned by OpenSignal. 



US Operator LTE Availability by Region. Link to view and download the asset in the Media Library.
US Operator LTE Speed by Region. Link to view and download the asset in the Media Library.