Game On: T-Mobile Boosts Coverage in New Orleans for Football and Mardi Gras Fans

January 28, 2013

Starting this week, tens of thousands of football fans will flock to New Orleans and share their game-time experiences through calls, texts, status updates, and photo and video sharing. With mobile phones making it possible to share every touchdown, field goal, and interception with the world, access to fast and reliable network coverage is crucial. In addition, New Orleans is furiously preparing for Mardi Gras season in February, when more than 40,000 people are expected to flood the streets day and night for parades and entertainment.
T-Mobile has spent the last year focused on improving our 4G network to get ready for these special events, both of which will likely draw the biggest crowds of 2013. As part of these preparations, we’ve made significant network upgrades and enhancements in the New Orleans area, including:
 • Enhanced voice and data capacity on its 4G network in areas in and around New Orleans where the highest traffic is expected such as the Central Business District, downtown area and Weidenberg Park;
 • Installation of infrastructure connected to a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) providing in-building support for customers at and nearby the Superdome;
 • Deployment of COWs (Cells on Wheels) that will add voice and data capacity near and around Weidenberg Park to support crowds attending the concert series;
 • Implementation of site specific “special event parameters” to help increase voice or data capacity based upon traffic trends;
 • Establishment of a “Command Center” to ensure network quality is maintained at a high level in real-time by the T-Mobile network team.
Need a charge? Fans and festival attendees can take advantage of the T-Mobile SUV traveling around town, with TVs, video games, and device charging stations.
And it’s not just for visitors, customers living in New Orleans will be able to benefit from our network enhancements long after the game has been won and the Mardi Gras masks and costumes are put away.
T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G network reaches well over 220 million people in 229 metro areas delivering a fast and dependable wireless experience that is on par with or better than competing 4G networks. As we continue to aggressively invest billions of dollars in our network, the great news for T-Mobile customers is that the competitive experience we deliver today will get even better through network modernization, which is currently underway, and our rollout of LTE this year.