T-Mobile® Home Internet Backup gets you back online.​

​​Home Internet Backup is our new 5G internet solution that helps you stay connected when your main internet service provider (ISP) has an outage.

Home Internet Backup features:

​​​130GB of 5G data


​​No annual contracts.


​​No monthly equipment fees.


​​Simple setup in 15 minutes or less.​



Get T-Mobile Home Internet Backup for just $20/month.

​​With AutoPay and any nationally available postpaid voice line.​

A man sits at a desk, working on a computer. A T-Mobile internet gateway sits nearby.

Prepare for the unexpected with Home Internet Backup.

It’s not your everyday internet—it’s for keeping you connected when it matters most.

  Backup Home Internet
5G data 130GB
(Enough for 7 days of typical use. Threshold is based on usage not a limited number of days. After allotment, unlimited data at up to 3G speeds.)
5G Wi-Fi gateway Included Included
Free 2-day shipping
Test Drive
Price Lock
(Get your last month of service on us if we ever raise your internet rate and you tell us you're leaving. Exclusions like taxes and fees apply. Cancel within 60 days.)

Not included

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Got internet backup questions?

  • T-Mobile’s Home Internet Backup plan is an affordable, reliable solution to keep cable or fiber customers connected during outages from their primary internet service provider. It comes with 130GB of data a month - enough to keep a typical household connected with Wi-Fi for up to 7 days in case your primary internet service goes down.

  • Home Internet Backup is for people with an existing primary internet provider who need a backup connectivity solution for when their primary internet provider has an outage or connectivity goes down.

  • Home Internet Backup comes with a 5G Gateway included and takes just minutes to install. Keep your gateway plugged in and when your primary internet connection goes out, simply switch your devices over to your Home Internet Backup Wi-Fi connection to stay online until your primary provider is back up and running.

  • Home Internet Backup gives 130 GB of data – enough to keep a typical household connected for up to 7 days a month – and a 5G gateway included for $30 per month with AutoPay.

  • Once you use your 130 GB of monthly full speed data, you’ll stay connected at speeds of up to 600 kbps until your plan resets on the first day of your next billing cycle. Home Internet Backup is intended for use only as a backup in the event of a separate, primary internet provider outage.

  • You can check your data usage at any time in your MyT-Mobile Account.

  • No, unused data can’t be carried over to the next month.

  • You will receive notifications to your Internet gateway at 80% and 100% of full-speed data usage. You can also easily check your data usage any time in your MyT-Mobile Account.

    If you’re an Internet only customer, a second notification will be sent via email, so we recommend having an email attached to your account to receive data usage notifications.

    Additionally, if you have a T-Mobile Voice line, you’ll also receive an SMS message letting you know how much data you’ve used for the month.

  • You can upgrade your Home Internet Backup plan to a T-Mobile 5G Home Internet plan by calling Customer Care. Check to see if T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is available at your home here - https://www.t-mobile.com/home-internet/eligibility

  • Your data will reset on the first day of your new billing cycle.

  • No problem! The gateway can stay plugged in and on, and data will only be used if devices are connected to the Home Internet Backup Wi-Fi, so check to make sure you have disconnected them until an outage occurs. Home Internet Backup is intended for use only as a backup in the event of a separate, primary internet provider outage.