Congratulations to this year’s Unconventional Awards winners.

Unconventional thinking is better for business. That’s why we put our most innovative customers in the spotlight at our second annual Unconventional Awards. From tech firms to school districts, join us in celebrating these innovators in Customer Experience, Employee Enablement, Industry, and Community.

Innovation in Customer Experience.

These awards recognize innovators who deliver a truly human brand experience.

A first-place award ribbon.


Infosys combines data-driven analytics, AI, virtual reality, and robotics to deliver an immersive and extraordinary tennis experience that redefines the future of sports interaction for fans and athletes.

A second-place award ribbon.

Delta Air Lines.

Delta Air Lines has redefined travel and elevated accessibility in the skies with improved hardware and free T-Mobile Wi-Fi, to deliver connectivity at 30,000 feet that closely matches what passengers would find at home.

A third-place award ribbon.

Easterseals Disability Services.

Easterseals Disability Services embraced virtual programming to create a virtual community that empowers people with disabilities to engage, fostering digital equity, inclusion, and access.

Innovation in Employee Enablement.

These awards recognize trailblazers who find new and unconventional ways to bring out the best in their teams.

A first-place award ribbon.

The Walt Disney Studios.

T-Mobile collaborated with The Walt Disney Studios’ Technology teams – StudioLAB and Production Technology – to make on-set production wireless via T-Mobile's 5G network, enabling near real-time communication and file sharing between creative executives and production teams from thousands of miles apart.

A second-place award ribbon.

Southland Companies.

Southland Companies worked with T-Mobile and Allgeo to deploy advanced timekeeping software through handheld devices that lets employees log their presence on job-sites to help ensure rapid response in case of accident or injury.

A third-place award ribbon.

Black & Veatch.

Black & Veatch hosted a GenAI tournament that challenged its employees to apply generative AI to identify areas for improvement across the company. They found new efficiencies, cut costs, and drove business innovation.

Innovation in Industry.

These awards recognize pioneers who challenge the status quo in their respective industries.

A first-place award ribbon.

Boston Children's Hospital.

Boston Children’s Hospital harnessed T-Mobile 5G technology to build a holistic, secure cellular infrastructure that transforms healthcare delivery, streamlines medical workflows, and enhances patient outcomes.

A second-place award ribbon.

Royal Caribbean Group.

Royal Caribbean pioneering waste-to-energy systems, AI-driven food waste reduction, and far-reaching Green Hubs Program, demonstrate a dedication to ocean preservation and sustainable tourism that sets a new industry standard.

A third-place award ribbon.

ComEd, an Exelon Company.

ComEd disrupts utility-industry norms with its trailblazing drone program, powered by a pioneering spirit and 5G connectivity from T-Mobile, optimizing its operations, enhancing safety, and propelling innovation to new heights.

Innovation in Community.

These awards recognize leaders who find creative ways to serve their communities.

A first-place award ribbon.

City of Bellevue.

Utilizing cutting-edge T-Mobile 5G technology, the City of Bellevue enhances public safety by delivering near real-time notifications through early visual and audible warnings, effectively mitigating road crashes.

A second-place award ribbon.

Hampton-Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Department.

The Hampton-Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Department united real-time situational awareness and communication with transformative apps and T-Mobile 5G, helping it safeguard lives and the community it serves.

A third-place award ribbon.

Chicago Public Schools Students in Temporary Living Situations Department.

Chicago Public Schools empowered more than 1,000 homeless unaccompanied children with connectivity and resources to break down barriers, foster academic success, and nurture their well-being.

The top three awards in each category.

We awarded first, second, and third place prizes to the top trailblazers in each category. All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners received a personalized trophy and were featured in a press release and social media.

1st place


to the charity of their choice.

2nd place


to the charity of their choice.

3rd place


to the charity of their choice.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for Innovation in Community also received airfare, hotel, and Mobile World Congress entrance passes for two.

WSJ Custom Content and iHeartRADIO.

Each 1st place category winner was also featured in Wall Street Journal Custom Content and received a custom iHeart radio ad congratulating them for their win.

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Emcee in bright magenta suit holds mic on stage while two award winners hold their trophies.

A new legacy of defying legacy.

In 2023, we celebrated our 2nd annual Unconventional Awards, kicking off a new annual tradition of celebrating our customers who are anything but traditional thinkers. Here’s to those winners—the disruptors and trailblazers who empowered their organizations by breaking industry norms.