Introducing the
No-Stress Switch to T-Mobile.

Switching carriers shouldn’t be stressful. We’ve got you covered each step of the way with a seamless process designed to help you stay focused on your business.

Dedicated to making your switch easier.

Our time-tested 5-step process delivers a fast, efficient, and seamless experience for you and your employees.

Initial onboarding.

Our No-Stress Switch starts with a dedicated implementation lead and the right strategy for your business to stay connected and productive.

During migration.

Your implementation lead manages our milestones and deadlines, and proactively keeps you up to date on how things are progressing during the switch.

After migration.

We’ll help you make a smooth transition from your implementation lead to a dedicated Team of Experts—highly-trained experts assigned to your account for exceptional customer care.

Ready for a No-Stress Switch?

See how we've helped thousands of businesses experience a No-Stress Switch.

We make it a reality through a predictable and consistent 5-step onboarding process.

We’ve got you covered every step of the way:

  • Plan.

    We collaborate with you to create detailed roadmaps for the devices, apps*, and solutions you need.

  • Stage*.

    We’ll pre-program, load, and kit devices, and deliver them to your business.

  • Deploy.

    We’ll port and transfer your team’s devices, and train them virtually or on-site*.


    *Only applicable to businesses switching more than 25 lines.

  • Inspect.

    We’ll review the quality of the implementation to ensure you’re satisfied with the outcome.

  • Transition.

    When your implementation is complete, your seamless customer care experience continues with our award-winning Team of Experts—real people dedicated to your business.

Success stories.

Alaska Airlines plane flying through a blue sky.

Powering Next-Level Care for Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines needed to switch 22,000 lines across 126 locations, and they chose T-Mobile for Business to manage their complex operations—relying on our largest and fastest 5G network and 360 support.

Group of customers and T-Mobile employees cheering while looking into the camera.

Laser-focused on a world-class switching experience.

Your dedicated implementation team will develop and deploy a customized and detailed deployment roadmap that ensures your business can keep running, smoothly.

“Our T-Mobile for Business team evaluated coverage needs and responded with tailored, targeted plans and documentation. They also made migrations successful by staying customer-focused, flexible, proactive, and organized.”

Alan Prewitt, IT Project Manager at Shell
Construction worker viewing tablet

Game change: Shell adopts T-Mobile for better mobility.

Staying in front of tech trends is no small feat. See how Shell collaborated with T-Mobile to seamlessly implement new technologies and enable innovation at each and every turn.

Man working on roof

Mobility helps contractors improve response time—without sacrificing quality.

See how Guardian Roofing uses modern mobility solutions on T-Mobile’s network to improve operations, enhance customer experiences, and optimize costs.

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