Samsung Knox Manage

Simplify device management and gain greater security and control.

Samsung Knox Manage is an affordable and easy-to-use Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that gives you the power to manage and monitor your devices, apps, and policies – all from a centralized portal.

Key benefits and features.

  • Simplify device management.

    Remotely manage and control all of your devices from a single, cloud-based console–manage across multiple device types (smartphones, tablets, laptops) and platforms (Android, iOS, Windows 10, or Chrome OS devices). Get the most comprehensive security and controls for Samsung devices available.

  • Simplify app management and controls.

    Quickly get employees up and running with new devices. Ensure they have access to the apps they need and that controls are in place to protect your business data. For shared devices, such as those used by different shifts, you can restrict access to only work apps.

  • Help protect business data.

    Protect against leakage of company data with robust access controls. And if a device is lost or stolen, management can lock and wipe it remotely to keep data from falling into the wrong hands.


    *Samsung devices only

  • Help limit risk and liability from employee misuse.

    Ensure devices are being used as intended with the ability to view device status and policy compliance, monitor employee usage, and limit activity.

  • Manage special-purpose devices.

    Utilize Kiosk mode to easily configure devices with limited policies and applications to fit specialized needs.

  • Help save time and money with remote support.

    Users can authorize IT to remote in and control their device for troubleshooting.

  • Get greater protection with Knox security*.

    Leverage the defense-grade security built into Samsung devices.  Knox protects enterprise-ready devices from the moment they are powered on and continuously checks to ensure they are not compromised.

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