Enable Push-to-Talk with anyone, on any network.

T-Mobile for Business and ESChat® enable you to instantly talk and send messages to anyone on your team, on any compatible device—no matter what network they’re using.

Why Push-to-Talk?

Instantly communicate with your team, on virtually any device, across any network.

Why choose ESChat from T-Mobile for Business:

  • No carrier constraints.

    Enable Push-to-Talk on any of your team’s mobile devices, no matter what network they’re on.

  • Instant communication.

    Communicate one-to-one or with a group with just the push of a button.

  • Customizable talk groups.

    Choose from eight specialized group types or customize a group to meet your unique needs.

  • End-to-end encryption.

    Connect securely with the highest level of data encryption.

  • Location and status tracking.

    See who’s available and in the best position to get the job done quickly with real-time, live location and status tracking.

  • Easy onboarding.

    Get started quickly with a simple interface you can download, activate, and use within minutes.

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Use cases

No matter your industry, ESChat can help.

Whether you’re in transportation, construction, or government, your business can benefit from Push-to-Talk capabilities.


Maintain consistent contact with your fleet of drivers through a Push-to-Talk solution that enables your team to instantly communicate and track users’ locations.


No matter their wireless carrier, your entire team can communicate with the push of button. Plus, the ESChat web portal makes it easy to add and remove contractors as they join or leave a project.


Maximize your agency’s budgets by using new and existing technology together. ESChat’s radio gateways enable most land mobile radio (LMR) users to get in touch with team members using mobile devices.


Push-to-Talk at an unbeatable price.
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Instantly communicate for $5/month per user.

ESChat includes secure Push-to-Talk voice, group messaging, and location tracking and mapping. Available on iOS, Android, and PC.

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Questions about ESChat?

What is Push-to-Talk?

Push-to-Talk is a service that allows users to communicate on a 1:1, ad-hoc, and group basis instantaneously. Push-to-Talk technology uses a button to switch a device from voice transmission mode to voice reception mode, similar to how people use walkie talkies.

What is ESChat?

ESChat is a Push-to-Talk service that enables instant, one-to-one and one-to-many communications between individuals or groups. ESChat provides a host of capabilities for organizations that need to drive reliable and secure communications with just the push of a button, wherever their field teams are. Its primary features include:

  • Wireless carrier independent and cross-carrier capable
  • High voice quality and reliability
  • User tracking/mapping
  • Eight specialized group types designed to meet specific needs
  • Simple configuration, onboarding, and management
  • Wide variety of device and accessory compatibility

Why do I need Push-to-Talk services?

The need to drive instantaneous communications will never go away. Whether it’s to drive communications in the public safety, delivery, hospitality, field service, or utility sector, there will always be a need to keep track of mobile resources and direct their positioning in real-time. Push-to-Talk services do just that, providing instant communication between one or many different people at once.

What is required to use a Push-to-Talk service?

To use Push-to-Talk, you need an ESChat subscription, a compatible mobile device, and data connectivity (cellular or WiFi).

Will I have to buy new equipment?

No, ESChat works with a variety of devices, including devices your teams are probably already using.

What devices are compatible with Push-to-Talk?

ESChat is compatible with all standard iOS and most Android smartphone and tablet devices. There is also an ESChat Windows PC Client available

Can I use ESChat on a tablet?

ESChat will operate on all standard iOS and most Android smartphone and tablet devices.

Do I need to download an app to use ESChat?

Yes. Using Push-to-Talk from ESChat will require you to download the application through a secure link you can receive by text or email. Organizations that require greater control of their devices can distribute the application through a mobile device manager.

How much does it cost?

ESChat costs $5.00 per month per user plus taxes and fees.

What is land mobile radio (LMR)?

A land mobile radio (LMR) system is a person-to-person voice communication system consisting of two-way radio transceivers which can be mobile, installed in vehicles or portable walkie talkies. Many industries use LMR as their primary means of communication, especially when located in the same geographic location. ESChat can be used to augment existing LMR infrastructures, or in some cases, replace it completely.

What type of talk group types are available with ESChat?

ESChat supports multiple talk group types, each of which are customized to meet specific needs. These include:

  • Personal groups (group size limit is 250): created by a user and only visible from the creator’s group list.
  • Member groups (group size limit is 250): visible to all members’ group list; a group member may initiate a call to the group.
  • Enterprise closed groups (group size limit is 250): created through the administration portal; the owner of the group must add members.  
  • Surveillance groups (group size limit is 250): Long-lasting group with special features specific to law enforcement that mimics a traditional radio channel.
  • Enterprise open groups (group size limit is 250): available for any member to join; owners of the group may or may not be a participant, and there may also be more than one group manager.
  • Broadcast groups (group size limit is 60,000): broadcast groups are used to deliver high-priority voice announcements.
  • Ad-hoc groups (group size limit is 128): groups that aren’t pre-configured, but rather a selection of multiple contacts from the contact list.

Who do I contact for customer support?

Contact ESChat Support at 1-844-4-ESCHAT or support@eschat.com.

How long does it take to get started?

Customer ESChat accounts typically take one business day to be created.

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