Message archiving

Meet compliance challenges head on.

Enabling your team to communicate efficiently while managing increasingly tight regulations can be a challenge, but there’s a simple way to stay on top of both—with T-Mobile for Business Message Archiving from Smarsh.


Prioritize both productivity and compliance with one solution.

Enable employees to communicate the way they want without sacrificing the oversight you need.

Capture completely.

Automatically capture, store, and archive text messages in their original format and organize by conversation thread in a more secure, search-ready repository.

Store securely.

Keep data for up to 7 years in a WORM-compliant, cloud-based repository that helps manage SEC and other regulations.

Search easily.

Catalog data so you can access, search, and find relevant communications with complete context in near-real time. 

Maintain control.

Assign message archiving to the mobile lines of individual employees with an easy-to-use self-service portal.

Ready for an integrated message archiving solution?

Use cases

A text archive solution designed for a variety of industries.

Empower your financial institution.

Complying with FINRA, SEC, and other regulatory requirements can be challenging. Now you can capture, archive, and search communications as a tool to help manage compliance obligations.

Manage government records.

Facilitate your agency’s ability to meet open records laws, FoIA, and National Archives and Record Administration standards by easily capturing and storing all electronic communications.

Protect your clients and your firm.

Keeping information about your clients and their legal cases secure is key to your law firm's integrity and success. Messaging archiving is a powerful tool that can help you and your clients.


Compliance management tools don’t have to be costly.

Give employees the freedom to communicate the way they want while keeping an eye on compliance and the bottom line.

Extend message archiving to your entire team.

No matter your team’s size, you can assign message archiving to employees for just $5/user per month.

Man in a suit holding a mobile device. Man in a suit holding a mobile device. Man in a suit holding a mobile device. Man in a suit holding a mobile device.

Questions about Message Archiving?

T-Mobile for Business offers Smarsh message archiving, as part of our mobility services, to help regulated organizations capture, archive, and search text messages to meet compliance and e-discovery challenges head-on. Reliably collect and retain communications with contextual conversations in a secure, search-ready repository.

No. Message Archiving from Smarsh is for any size, regulated organization with a legal obligation to reliably capture and archive electronic communications that occur across multiple channels, including mobile text messages. Examples include financial services, FOIA requests for government, legal services. Non-regulated organizations use message archiving services to mitigate HR and other kinds of risks and reply to requests more quickly. The data needs to be captured and then stored without compromising on security and performance. Archive searches need to be comprehensive, near real-time, allow multiple criteria, and include conversational context. 

T-Mobile messages sent and received using SMS, MMS, or RCS platforms are captured and archived. 

Attachments included as part of an MMS or RCS message are captured and archived.

Any mobile device capable of sending or receiving a message over the T-Mobile network (SMS/MMS/RCS) is supported. This is an advantage of our direct carrier integration with our T-Mobile network where the capture happens at the network rather than the device level.

Corporate and Government liable account types are eligible for the message archiving service.

The default is seven years. Customers can shorten the retention period in the self-service Smarsh portal. Customers interested in storing messages longer than seven years can contact Smarsh for a quote.

The first administrator set up in the T-Mobile Admin portal is designated as the initial user with admin-level permissions on the Smarsh archive portal. The newly created Smarsh admin can create additional users and control their access level in the archive settings.

SMS, MMS, and RCS messages are sent over the carriers’ messaging network which creates a secure and direct method of message capture in their original format with attachments and surrounding message threads for context. •Over-the-Top (OTT) consumer-targeted messaging apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc., use an encrypted connection over the carrier’s data network. This encryption prevents carrier-level or other forms of reliable capture. •Other OTT apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, that are designed for businesses, offer built-in methods to archive content created on them and is offered as a separate capture service through Smarsh. For internal use only. T-Mobile Confidential

Purchasing through T-Mobile puts your message archiving service on the same bill which means less paperwork and lower overhead for the same price. IT or telecom administrators benefit from the T-Mobile self-service Admin portal where they can change archiving assignments to users instantly saving them phone calls to both Smarsh and T-Mobile support teams to assist. 

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