Smart cities

Leveraging data to improve the way we live.

Smart city IoT solutions drive cost savings, business development, and livability enhancements. That’s why T-Mobile partners with cities to better understand their needs and deliver lasting benefits.

Advanced Industry Solutions are digitally changing Smart Cities.

Provide safe and secure digital services and coverage in public spaces using technology to manage traffic flows, monitor city infrastructure, and more.

Overhead view of cars on curving highway Overhead view of cars on curving highway Overhead view of cars on curving highway Overhead view of cars on curving highway

IoT solutions powered by our most advanced network.

Fire engine

Being proactive about public safety.

IoT solutions can improve communications with first responders and detect fires before flames and smoke are visible.

Smart cities parking lot

Promoting travel efficiencies.

From shuttle bus automation to smarter parking information, IoT solutions can help improve transportation.

Woman using iPad

Monitoring the environment.

Analyzing air, water, and other environmental factors helps us form innovative and targeted solutions and programs.

Big park

Conserving energy and water.

Lighting that adjusts to the time of year. Sensor-enabled watering systems. IoT solutions help cut costs and resources.

Discover the latest on IoT smart cities.

Indoor coverage is key.

We talk to Connected Real Estate magazine about how our approach to smart buildings is the foundation for smart cities.

Preparing for 5G & IoT.

5G changes every city’s technological landscape. See how you can capitalize on this leap forward for smart cities everywhere.

Shaped by wireless infrastructure.

Forward-thinking communities are leveraging advancements in connectivity with these key points of valuable information.

Unlock new possibilities.

Learn how Narrowband IoT is changing the game for smart cities.

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