Public Wi-Fi protection in a simple mobile app.

Accessing "free" Wi-Fi from a smartphone or tablet can be risky—with hackers often tough to detect. Secure Wi-Fi is a set-and-forget app that automatically encrypts user data as needed when using Wi-Fi, helping to keep important data safe.

Automatic protection anytime a user connects to Wi-Fi from a mobile device.

Works on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Just download the easy-to-use app from the app store, install, and go.

Secure Wi-Fi by T-Mobile logo over image of people walking on and off an airport people mover

Secure Wi-Fi is a Smart VPN™ in a mobile app.

It automatically turns on when the device connects to Wi-Fi and, if needed, provides secure encryption of data to the internet. And it works on any Wi-Fi anywhere in the world—so your employees can connect more safely wherever they go.

Key benefits.


Secure Wi-Fi is a set-and-forget app for business users. Once installed, it just works, without your employees needing to give it a second thought.  

Smart security.

It’s "Smart" because it not only knows when to protect but also knows when it’s not needed, such as when you are using your work VPN or an already-secure banking app.  

Enhanced experience.

In addition to set-and-forget security, Secure Wi-Fi will automatically improve your online experience. If the Wi-Fi is performing poorly, it will seamlessly augment the session using the T-Mobile network to minimize disruptions and delays.

Where available on the T-Mobile 4G LTE/5G network. Coverage not available in all areas.

Risks of unsecure Wi-Fi networks.

A wide range of cyber threats could infect devices.

Employees who use Wi-Fi from their mobile devices, especially public Wi-Fi at places like coffee shops or airports, could have credentials or sensitive data stolen—business and personal. If not encrypted, user data on these Wi-Fi networks, even password-protected ones, is vulnerable to hackers.

Woman sits in cafe with her smartphone in hand. Woman sits in cafe with her smartphone in hand. Woman sits in cafe with her smartphone in hand. Woman sits in cafe with her smartphone in hand.

The Secure Wi-Fi app for Apple or Android devices is only $1.99/mo. per user or FREE with select T-Mobile for Business plans.

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